Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Former Coastal Marine (COMAR) and related programmes

Monographs on Oceanographic Methodology
UNESCO Technical Papers in Marine Science
UNESCO Reports in Marine Science
MARINF series
IMS Newsletter
Publications derived from activities through:
  • UNESCO – Jakarta Office
  • UNESCO – Montevideo Office
  • UNESCO – New Delhi Office 9
  • UNESCO – Doha Office
The World Biodiversity Database series on CD-ROM
Non-serial titles
Miscellaneous publications linked to co-sponsored activities
Regional projects:
  • Mangrove project in Asia and the Pacific (UNESCO/UNDP)
  • Coastal erosion project in West and Central Africa – WACAF/3 (UN/DIESA-UNEP-UNESCO)
  • Coastal marine project in Africa – COMARAF (UNESCO/UNDP)
  • Beach and coastal stability project in the Lesser Antilles – COSALC

Monographs on Oceanographic Methodology
(Contact: UNESCO Publishing)

  1. The Mangrove Ecosystem:Research Methods. Edited by S.C. Snedaker and J.G. Snedaker. Published by UNESCO, Paris. 1984. 251 pp. (E). ISBN 92-3-102181-8. FF95.
  1. Seagrass Research Methods. Edited by R.C. Phillips and C.P. McRoy. Published by UNESCO, Paris. 1990. 210 pp. (E). ISBN 92-3-102660- 7. FF160.

UNESCO Technical Papers in Marine Science
(Contact: CSI)

  1. Coastal Lagoon Research, Present and Future. Proceedings of an UNESCO/IABO Seminar. Duke University, Marine Laboratory, Beaufort, NC, USA, August 1978. 1981. 348 pp. (E).
  1. International Symposium on Coastal Lagoons. Bordeaux, France, September 8-14,1981. 1982. 57 pp. (E, F, S).
  1. Coastal Off-shore Ecosystems Relationships. Final Report of SCOR/IABO/UNESCO Working Group 65. Texel, The Netherlands, September 1983. 1986. 38 pp. (E).
  1. Code of Practice for Scientific Diving: Principles for the Safe Practice of Scientific Diving in Different Environments. Compiled and edited by the Scientific Committee of the Confédération mondiale des activités subaquatiques (CMAS). 1988. 261 pp. (E).
  1. River Inputs to Ocean Systems: Status and Recommendations for Research. Final Report of SCOR Working Group 46. 1988. 25 pp. (E).
  1. Coastal Systems Studies and Sustainable Development. Report of the COMAR Interregional Scientific Conference. UNESCO, Paris, May 21-25, 1991. Co-sponsored by UNESCO, UNEP, SCOR, IABO. 1991. 27 pp. (E).

UNESCO Reports in Marine Science
(Contact: CSI)

  1. Quantitative Analysis and Simulation of Mediterranean Coastal Ecosystems: The Gulf of Naples, a Case Study. Report of a Workshop on Ecosystem Modelling. Ischia, Naples, Italy, March 28-April 10, 1981. Organized by UNESCO and the Stazione Zoologica, Naples. 1983. 158 pp. (E).
  1. Comparing Coral Reef Survey Methods. A Regional UNESCO/UNEP Workshop. Phuket Marine Biological Centre, Thailand, December 1982. 1984. 170 pp. (E).
  1. Guidelines for Marine Biological Reference Collections. Prepared in Response to a Recommendation by a Meeting of Experts from the Mediterranean Arab Countries. 1983. 63 pp. (Ar, E, F).
  1. Coral Reefs, Seagrass Beds and Mangroves: Their Interaction in the Coastal Zones of the Caribbean. Report of a Workshop held at West Indies Laboratory, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, May 1982. 1983. 133pp. (E).
  1. Coastal Ecosystems of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Objectives, Priorities and Activities of UNESCO’s COMAR Project for the Latin America and Caribbean Region. Caracas, Venezuela, November 15-19, 1982. 1983. 57 pp. (E,S).
  1. Eutrophication in Coastal Marine Areas and Lagoons: A Case Study of ‘Lac de Tunis’. 1984. 54 pp. (E).
  1. L’estuaire et la mangrove du Sine Saloum. Résultats d’un atelier régional UNESCO-COMAR tenu à Dakar (Sénégal) du 28 février au 5 mars 1983. 1985. 123 pp. (F).
  1. Coral Taxonomy. Results and Recommendations of a Regional UNESCO (COMAR)/UNEP Workshop with Advanced Training. Phuket Marine Biological Centre, Thailand, February 10-26, 1984. 1985. 41 pp. (E).
  1. Coastal Lagoons along the Southern Mediterranean Coast (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia). Description and bibliography. 1986. 200 pp. (Ar, E, F).
  1. Méthodologie d’étude des lagunes côtières. Résultats d’un atelier régional réuni à Abidjan du 6 au 11 mai 1985. 1986. 29 pp. (F).
  1. Principles of Geological Mapping of Marine Sediments (with Special Reference to the African Continental Margin). 1986. 91 pp. (E, R).
  1. Human-induced Damage to Coral Reefs. Results of a Regional UNESCO (COMAR) Workshop with Advanced Training. Diponegoro University, Jepara and National Institute of Oceanology, Jakarta, Indonesia,May 1985. 1986. 180 pp. (E).
  1. Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity. Results of a Planning Workshop at Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, November 1985. 1986. 59 pp. (E).
  1. The Application of Digital Remote Sensing Techniques in Coral Reef, Oceanographic and Estuarine Studies. Report on a Regional UNESCO/ COMAR/GBRMPA Workshop. Townsville, Australia, August 1985. 1986. 151 pp. (E).
  1. Quaternary Coastal Geology of West Africa and South America. Papers prepared for the INQUA-ASEQUA Symposium in Dakar, April 1986. 1987. 145 pp. (E).
  1. Comparison between Atlantic and Pacific Tropical Marine Coastal Ecosystems: Community Structure, Ecological Processes and Productivity. Results and Scientific Papers of a UNESCO/COMAR Workshop. University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji,March 24-29,1986. 1987. 262 pp. (E).
  1. Coastal Marine Ecosystems of Africa. Objectives and Strategy of the COMARAF Regional Project. 1988. 62 pp. (E).
  1. Etude de la géologie marine de l’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre. 1989. 155 pp. (F, R).
  1. Year 2000 Challenges for Marine Science Training and Education Worldwide. 1988. 129 pp. (Ar, Ch, E, F, R, S).
  1. Relative Sea-level Change : A Critical Evaluation. UNESCO (COMAR) Working Group on Mean Sea-level Rise and its Influence on the Coastal Zone. In collaboration with IOC. UNESCO/ICSU co-operation in the framework of the International Geosphere - Biosphere Programme. 1990. 22 pp. (E).
  1. Inventory of Innovative Learning Materials in Marine Science and Technology. 1993. 229 pp. (E).
  1. Impact of Expected Climate Change on Mangroves. UNEP-UNESCO Task Team Report of the First Meeting. Rio de Janeiro, June 1-3, 1992. 1993. 23 pp. (E).
  1. Sandy Coast Monitoring: The Dominica Example (1987-1992). Prepared for the UNESCO COMAR/COSALC-I Project. 1994. 9 2 p p . ( E ) .
  1. Ichthyoplankton Study in Guinean and Senegalese Coastal and Estuarine Waters. Results of Surveys: 1988-1992. Prepared within the Framework of the African Coastal Marine Programme (COMARAF). 1994. 68 pp. (E).
  1. Coastal Systems and Sustainable Development in Africa. Proceedings of the UNESCO Regional Seminar on Human Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems, their Response and Management Problems. UNESCO-ROSTA, Nairobi, April 5-9,1993. 1995. 197 pp. (E).

MARINF series
(Contact: CSI)

  1. University Field Courses in Marine Sciences (E-W Co-operation Potential). Results from a Meeting at Moscow State University and the White Sea Biological Station (July 21-26 1989). 1990. 58 pp. (E, with Recommendations and Introduction also in R).
  1. Field Work in Marine Ecology for Secondary Schools in Tropical Countries. By A.L. Dahl. 1990,90 pp. (E).
  1. Applications of Marine Image Data – Second Computer-based Learning Module. By I. Robinson and A. Matthews. 1991. 86 pp. plus 6 disks. (E, S).
  1. Applications of Marine and Coastal Image Data from Satellite, Airborne and In-situ Sensors – Third Computer-based Learning Module. A Contribution to International Space Year – 1992. Edited by I. Robinson and A. Matthews. 1992. 101 pp. plus 5 disks. (E, S).
  1. Marine and Coastal Sciences. Output at Global, Regional and National Levels through COMAR, PROMAR and TREDMAR, 1990-1991. 1992. 66 pp. (E).
  1. a Marine and Coastal Sciences. A Contribution to ‘Priority-Africa’Programme. Output at the Regional and National Levels through COMAR, PROMAR and TREDMAR,1990-1992. 1992. 51 pp. (E).
  1. Marine and Coastal Sciences. Output at Global, Regional and National Levels through COMAR,PROMAR and TREDMAR,1992. 1993. 45 pp. (E).
  1. Applications of Marine and Coastal Image Data from Satellite, Airborne and In-situ Sensors – Fourth Computer-based Learning Module. A Contribution to "Agenda 21" Implementation. Edited by I.S. Robinson, A. Matthews and D.A. Blackburn. 1993. 102 pp. plus 5 disks. (E, S, R).
  1. Una Introduccíon al Medio Marino: Guía de Trabajo Práctico Aplicable a Zonas Templadas de América Latina para Nivel Secundario. Por V. Scarabino. 1994. 104 pp. (S).
  1. Applications of Marine and Coastal Image Data from Satellite, Airborne and In-situ Sensors – Fifth Computer-based Learning Module. Edited by J. Morales, I.S. Robinson y F. Rodríguez. 1995. 141 pp plus 6 disks. (E, S).
  1. Coastal and Marine Sciences. Output at Global, Regional and National Levels through COMAR, PROMAR and TREDMAR. 1994. 65pp. (E)

IMS Newsletter
(Contact: CSI)

For about 25 years, the International Marine Science (IMS) Newsletter was published quarterly in the six UN languages, and reported on international activities, especially those of UNESCO and its IOC. Many articles concerned the coastal zone. In particular, No. 69/70 (1994) featured a section highlighting UNESCO's activities relevant to small island states.

Publications derived from activities through UNESCO Regional Offices
(Contact: UNESCO Regional Offices)

UNESCO – Jakarta Office

UNESCO – Montevideo Office

UNESCO – New Delhi Office

UNESCO – Doha Office

The World Biodiversity Database series on CD-ROM
(Contact: UNESCO Publishing or ETI)

Published by the Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification (ETI, University of Amsterdam). For sale only (included here is the complete series up to 1995, of which several items are non-coastal).

Non-serial titles
(Contact: CSI for free documents and UNESCO Publishing for sale items)

Miscellaneous publications linked to co-sponsored activities
(Contact: CSI)


Mangrove Ecosystems Occasional Papers
(Contact: ISME or CSI)

  1. Timber Volume Inventory. By Md.J. Islam and F.A. Khan. May 1988. 30 pp. (E).
  1. Socio-economic Status of Human Communities of Selected Mangrove Areas on the West Coast of Sri Lanka. By Md. Amarasinghe. September 1988. 19 pp. (E).
  1. Experimental Plantation for Rehabilitation of Mangrove Forests in Pakistan. By Md.T. Qureshi. June 1990. 37 pp. (E).
  1. Physiological Ecology of Selected Mangrove Crabs: Physiological Tolerance Limits. By N. Paphavasit, S. Dechaprompun and E. Aumnuch. July 1990. 19 pp. (E).
  1. Ecological Economic Analysis of Mangrove Conservation. A Case Study from Fiji. By P. Narsey Lal. August 1990. 64 pp. (E).
  1. Four Papers on Insects and Ground Mesofauna at Ranong. By D.H. Murphy, W. Meepol and M.T. Rau. November 1990. 36 pp. (E).
  1. Two Papers on Mangrove Plantations in Bangladesh. By N.A. Siddiqi and M.A.S. Khan. November 1990. 19pp. (E).
  1. Timber Volume Inventory in the Sunderbans Using Aerial Photography and Other Remote Sensing Techniques. By F. A. Khan, A. M. Choudhury and Md. Jinnahtul Islam. December 1990. 21 pp.(E).

(Contact: CSI)

Workshop reports
(Contact: CSI)

Training course reports
(Contact: ISME or CSI)

(Contact: ISME)

Technical reports
(Contact: ISME or CSI)


(Contact: CSI)



Série documentaire

  1. Productivité primaire dans les mangroves: approches quantitatives et qualitatives. Par F. Achard et F. Blasco. Communication présentée dans le cadre de l’atelier UNESCO/COMARAF sur la productivité des écosystèmes côtiers, Douala,Décembre 1987. 1988. 27 pp. (F).
  1. Classification and Assessment of Some Coral Reefs in Mauritius. By T.J. Done. Results of practical work at the COMARAF Regional Field Training Workshop on Coral Taxonomy and Studies and management of Coral Reefs, Albion Fisheries Research Centre, Mauritius, October 18-29,1988. 1989. 36 pp. (E).
  1. Measurements and Modelling of the Water Circulation in Mangrove Swamps. By E. Wolanski. 1989. 43 pp. (E).
  1. (i) Le niveau de la mer le long des côtes de l’Afrique de l’Ouest et à l’équateur. Hausse probable du niveau marin à l’échelle séculaire. (ii) Observations du niveau moyen dans l’Atlantique Tropical Est. Vers le réseau global et l’altimétrie par satellite. Par J.M. Verstraete. 1989. 60 pp. (F).
  1. Bioécologie d’un mollusque: Anadara senilis. Cas d’étude au Sénégal et en Côte d’Ivoire. Par J.P. Debenoy et al. 1990. 76 pp. (F).
  1. Suppl. Données de base sur la bio-écologie de l’Arche "Arca/Anadara Senilis" (Pelecypode, Arcidae) en Lagune Ebrié (Côte d’Ivoire). Par S.G. Zabi et al. No spécial. 1992. 20 pp. (F).
  1. The Coral Reef at Balaclava, Mauritius: A Pilot Study and a Comparison of Methods. By T.J. Done et al. Results of the COMARAF Regional Field Training Workshop on Coral Reef Ecology and Management, Albion Fisheries Research Centre, Mauritius, October 1-12, 1990. 1991. 35 pp. (E).
  1. L’ostréiculture en milieux de mangroves (Etude de cas en Guinée et au Sénégal). Par A.L. Marazova et al. 1991. 148 pp. (F).
  1. Community Structure of Macrobenthos around Coastal Habitats of Mitsiwa (Massawa) Ethiopian Red Sea. By K. Melake. 1991. 35 p p . (E)
  1. Etude prospective de la macrofaune benthique de la Lagune Togo. Par S.G. Zabi. 1992. 43 pp. (F).
  1. Observations préliminaires des peuplements ichtyo-planctoniques des zones d’estuaires et de mangroves de l’Afrique de l’Ouest. Cas de la Guinée et du Sénégal. Par D. Pandare et Y.M. Tamoikine. 1993. 43 pp. (F).

Rapports techniques
(Contact: CSI)

  1. La productivité des écosystèmes côtiers en Afrique. Sommaire des exposés et résultats de l’Atelier-terrain, Douala, Cameroun, 13-19 décembre 1987. Edité par J. Pagès. 1988. 45 pp. (F).
  1. Coral Ecosystems Workshop. Summary of the Results Obtained from the Malindi Workshop, Kenya, September 25-October 6, 1989. Compiled by K.F. Navin. 1990. 44 pp. (E).
  1. Atelier de formation sur l’ ‘hydrodynamique et l’érosion côtière’. Lomé, Togo, 8-17 janvier 1990. Elaboré par J.P. Barusseau. 1990. 36 pp. (F)
  1. Ateliers conjoints de recherche sur la "productivité des estuaires et mangroves de l’Afrique de l’Ouest". 1ère Partie: l’estuaire du fleuve Sénégal; 2e Partie: la baie de Tabounsou et l’estuaire de Soumbouya (Guinée). Mars et juin 1989. 1990. 165 pp. (F)

(Contact: UPR – Sea Grant College Programme)

Selected publications

Dominica Coastal Monitoring Programme. Beach Profiling Report (No. 1), August 1987-August 1988. Forestry and Wildlife Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Roseau, Dominica. UNESCO-COMAR. October 1990. 29 pp. (E).

Audio-visual material

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