Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Other titles in the CSI info series:

D’une bonne idée à un projet réussi. Manuel pour le développement et la gestion de projets à l’échelle locale  mai 2000  158 pp. CSI info 9
The role of communication and education for sustainable coastal development / Rôle de la communication et de l’éducation dans le développement durable des zones côtières Proceedings of a PACSICOM technical workshop. 1999. vi + 81 pp. (English and French) CSI info 7
Coast and beach stability in the Caribbean Islands. COSALC project activities 1996-97. 49 pp. (English only) CSI info 6
Urban development and freshwater resources: small coastal cities. Proceedings and recommendations. 1998. 109 pp. CSI info 5
Planning for coastline change. Guidelines for construction setbacks in the Eastern Caribbean Islands (English only) CSI info 4
Qualité de l'eau de la nappe phréatique à Yeumbeul, Sénégal. Étude sur le terrain. 1997. 27pp. (French only) CSI info 3
Integrated framework for the management of beach resources within the smaller caribbean islands. Workshop results. 1997 (English only) CSI info 1

Titles in the CSI series Coastal region and small islands papers:

CARICOMP - Caribbean coral reef, seagrass and mangrove sites (English only) Papers 3
Coasts of Haiti. Resource assessment and management needs. 1998. 39 pp. (EnglishFrench) Papers 2
Managing beach resources in the smaller Caribbean isands. Workshop Papers. Edited by Gillian Cambers. 1997. 269pp. (English only) Papers 1
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