Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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During the seminar an essentially definative plan of action for Essaouira was completed. The municipalities represented, the non-governmental organizations and the bilateral and multilateral co-operation agencies, suggested co-operative and mutual-aid actions for the ancient Mogador. Preparation for the implementation of these proposals will be as follows:

Amongst the municipalities:

Amongst certain municipalities, NGOs and bilateral co-operation agencies:

7.1 Implementation of inter-municipal activities

Training on the navigational aspects of fishing, training of municipal managers, maintenance of town museums, attention to beach erosion, maintenance of the ramparts, removal of waste from the historic centre.

Training of technicians in the integrated management of urban water - a computer programme on water management will be made available; training of technicians in socio-architectural revitalization through the exchange of architects.

University of Cagliari:
Provision of information on "heritage classes"; regional study of tourism for the Province of Essaouira.

Assistance in presenting a dossier backing the inclusion of Essaouira in the World Heritage list.

The Association de Sauvegarde de la Médina de Tunis will aid in the training of young architects in the techniques of revitalizing the fabric of historic town centres. Special attention will be given to financial arrangements and temporary re-lodging.

7.2 Implementation of activities amongst certain Municipalities, NGOs and Bilateral Co-operation Agencies

Activities under ADEFRAM (Franco-Moroccan exchange), the School of Avignon, Pact Arim, the French Embassy and UNESCO (headquarters):

A meeting was organized jointly with Alghero, Licata/Sciacca, Saint-Malo and Essaouira in May 1998 to launch the course of action agreed in November 1997 in accordance with the letters of invitation signed by the aforementioned towns and with the findings of the working groups.

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