Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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In the light of the outcome of the seminar, it would be highly desirable that a Moroccan national entity be charged with the co-ordination of all these projects or proposals for co-operation so as to avoid loss of energy and resources. This entity should be composed of a representative of each ministry concerned and of the municipal offices responsible for the development of Essaouira (water management, coastal erosion, revitalization of the town centre, socio-economic structure and content, tourism, hotels, museums, handicrafts, sports, fishing, environmental protection etc.). The person responsible for this entity should ensure the sound management and administration of the co-operative activities and be recognized at the local level (municipality, province) and at the national level (ministries, specialized national institutions). This entity, "a public establishment of administrative character" should be a national agency administered by a representative council of the ministries involved, and provincial and municipal authorities. The experience in Mauretania, with the creation by the Prime Minister of the National Foundation for the Preservation of Ancient Towns, which included the mayors of these towns, the representatives of the ministries concerned and which was directed by a national director recognized by all certainly contributed to the resurrection of these towns and their incorporation into the World Heritage list.

UNESCO will ensure that contact is maintained with Essaouira's partner towns, with the National Commission and the Permanent Delegation. In this way action proposed under the Participation Programme 1998-1999 and the Regular Programme approved by the 29th session of the General Conference of UNESCO for the town of Essaouira will be undertaken.

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