Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Arrival in Essaouira. Welcome to the hotels.

3.00 pm: Guided tour of Essaouira by national experts; visit to sites strategic to Essaouira's survival.
5.30 pm: Dar Souiri : Tea Ceremony



8.30 am: Integrated approach to development: THE ESSAOUIRA CASE
  • Presentation of the Monograph on Essaouira prepared by the Ministry of the Environment by Mr. El Kébir Mdarhri Alaoui, Division of Observation and Studies.
  • Presentation of the Master Plan for Essaouira prepared by the Ministry of Interior by Mr. A. Debbi, Architect of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Presentation of the recommendations by Essaouira Summer University (18/21 September 1997) by Mr. Nour Eddine Ottmani, President of ASPDE: Association for the Preservation, Promotion and Development of Essaouira.
  • Presentation of UNCHS "Agenda 21" Project by Professor Vershure, Louvain University.
  • Presentation of the Actions of the French Decentralised Co-operation by Mr. Jean Paul Fiorèse, Assistant Advisor for Culture of the French Embassy in Rabat.
Presentation of topics relating to freshwater resources and the historic urban fabric of Essaouira.
  • Freshwater Resources : Mr. Abdelmajid El Hebil, Director of the Hydraulic Region of Tensit.
  • Essaouira's historic urban fabric : Mr. Abdelaziz Touri, Director of Cultural Heritage.
10.30 am: Official Opening Ceremony
  Statements by:
  • Mr. Amine Belcadi, Governor of Essaouira Province
  • Mr. Taher Afifi, President of the Municipal Council of Essaouira
  • Mr. Abdelaziz Meziane Belfkih, Ministry of Agriculture, Equipment and Environment
  • Mrs Aziza Bennani, Secretary of State for Culture.
  • Mr. André Azoulay, Royal Advisor on Economics to His Majesty the King Hassan II
  • Mr. Ali Kazancigil, Director of the UNESCO Division of Social Sciences, Research and Policy, Executive Secretary MOST Programme
Tea Ceremony
2.30 pm: Presentation of UNESCO Project:
  "Urban Development and Freshwater Resources: Small Coastal Cities" within the framework for the interdisciplinary platform Coastal Regions and Small Islands (CSI): "Land, Sea and People: seeking a sustainable balance",
by Dr. Dirk Troost, Chief of the UNESCO Programme on Coastal Regions and Small Islands.
  • Integrated approach to the development of historic coastal centres and sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Project of the Technical Cooperation Network between small coastal cities of northern Europe and the southern Mediterranean.
  • First study case: the specific problems of Essaouira.
3.00 pm: Presentation of the Meeting Organization
The content and organization of plenary sessions and working groups will be presented by Mrs. Lamia Salman El Madini, UNESCO Representative in Morocco.
Introduction of Chairmen, rapporteurs and moderators of the working group sessions, and presentation of the specific topic of each working group:
Session 1: Freshwater resource management in historic coastal centres.
Session 2: Impacts and consequences of coastal erosion.
Session 3: Socio-architectural revitalization.
Session 4: Tourism and substitute socio-economic activities.
Session 5: Integrated approach to development
Registration for working group sessions and assignment of national and international participants by working group topics.
3.30 pm Presentation by representatives of the partner cities
  • Saint Malo, by Mr. René Couanau, Deputy-Mayor of the City
  • Alghero, by Prof. Barrocu on behalf of Mr.Carlo Secchi, Mayor of the City
  • Sciacca and Licata, by Mr.Antonio Cellura, Architect and Governor of Agrigento Municipality
  • Alexandria by Mr. Ahmed Hassan, Representative of the Mayor of Alexandria
  • Saïda, by Mr.Ahmad Kalash, Mayor of Saïda
  • Tunis, by Mr. Zoubeïr Mouhli, Representative of the Mayor of Tunis and member of the ASM Tunis
  • Odense, by Mr.B. Lund Jensen, Odense Water Ltd
  • Esbjerg, by Mr. Sigfred Lindvig, Representative of the Municipality
  • Taglio di Po, by Mr. V. Melone, Mayor of the City
  • Omišalj, Croatia, by Mrs. Jelisava Antolic, Representative of Omišalj Municipality
  • Kotor, Montenegro, by Mrs Svetjlana Lalic, Representative of Kotor Regional Water Supply Agency



9.30 am: Working Group Sessions
The presentation of project documents for Essaouira will be held in the relevant working groups:
Sessions will be composed of national and international experts, experts on the cities ready to co-operate with Essaouira, as well as representatives of UN Agencies, NGOs and National Authorities.
Working Group sessions will focus on:
Session 1: Freshwater resources management in coastal historical centres.
  • Mr. Abdelmajid El Hebil, Director of the Hydraulic Region of Tensit.
  • Mr. Kees R. Meinardi, National Institute of Public Health and Environment

Moderators and rapporteurs:

  • Mr. B.A. Saad, Egypt, National IHP Committee, Egypt,
  • Mr. Gerard F.J. Jeurissen, Applied Geoscience International, The Netherlands
  • Professor G. Barrocu, National IHP Committee, Italy,
  • Mr. Youssef Amori, Director of ONEP
Session 2: Impacts and consequences of coastal erosion.
Chairman :
  • Mr. M. Messaouidi, Director of Mohammedia Harbour

Moderators and rapporteurs:

  • Mr. W. Rosenthal, UNESCO Consultant, Member of the German Society for Maritime Research
  • Mr. M. Menioui, Professor of Oceanography, Mohammed V University
  • Mr. M. Nagid Amzian, Director of the harbour of Tangiers
Session 3: Socio-architectural revitalization of the historic urban fabric.
  • Mr. L. Pottier, Assistant Mayor of Saint Malo,
  • Mrs. Faouzia Imanssar, Director of the Urban Agency of Rabat, Administrative Specialist in Urban Development at the ASPDE

Moderators and rapporteurs:

  • Mr. François Dubin, PACT ARIM International
  • Mr.Z. Mouhli, ASM of Tunis
  • Mr.Serge Santelli, Architect Town-Planner, Ecole de Paris, Belleville
  • Mr. Pascal Canonge, Ecole d’Avignon
  • Mrs. Jalila Kadiri, Chief, Technical Interventions and Studies Division
  • Mr. Gérard Fourestier;ADEFRAM
  • Mr. Abdelaziz Belkeziz, General Director of ANHI
  • Mr. M. Hbibi, Architect of Historical Monuments
  • Mr. Khalid El Assal, Architect
  • Mr. Abdelakrim Lahkak, Agenda 21
Session 4: Tourism and substitutive socio-economic activities.
  • Mr. Nour Eddine Ottmani, President of GERPE and President of ASPDE
  • Professor G. D’Ayala, Director of INSULA (NGO)

Moderators and rapporteurs:

  • Mrs. M.L. Gentileschi, Professor of Geography, University of Cagliari
  • Mr. Abdellah Aboulhassani, Delegate for Tourism in Essaouira
Session 5: Integrated approach to development
  • Professor Floris Zuidema, Secretary IHP, The Netherlands

Moderators and rapporteurs:

  • Professor Arno Schmid, President of IFLA
  • Mrs Khadija Belfkih Kabbaj, UNDP Representative
  • Mrs. Kawthar Ghazoulit, Landscape Architect Consultant Agenda 21, French Embassy
  • Professor Vershure, UNCHS
  • Prof. Giovanni Campeol, City and regional Planner, Venice University
The various working groups will evaluate, according to their specific fields of competence, potential pilot projects for Essaouira, to identify possible areas of co-operation, bilateral or multilateral. The Chairman will check that each working group scrutinizes methodological proposals and criteria for the implementation of projects in view of their use by other coastal cities. At the end of the working session a chairman and a rapporteur will draft the minutes of the meetings.
2.30 pm: Follow-up of Working Group Sessions
Projects identified as possible areas of collaboration between Essaouira and other cities will be reviewed. Letters of formal agreement on specific issues between potential partners will be considered.
5.00 pm: Session on co-ordination between chairmen, moderators and rapporteurs for the evaluation of the working group sessions.



9.00 - 11.00 am: Plenary Session
Reading of the results of the workshops and restricted sessions on the potential co-operation agreements between the Municipalities involved and Essaouira.
Follow up of Session 5 : Integrated approach to development
President : Prof. G. Campeol and Dr. D. Troost, Chief of UNESCO, CSI platform.
11.00 am - 1.00 pm: Restricted Session

Attended by the Chairmen, moderators and rapporteurs of the working groups, the Representatives of the Municipalities of potential partner cities, the President of the Municipality and the Governor of the Province of Essaouira, and the representatives of ASPDE and UNESCO.

Analysis and discussion of potential technical partnerships and finalization of the specific fields of intervention for each partner city in favour of Essaouira.

4.00 pm: Gathering of all the participants and guests at the Provincial Building (Grand Hall)
Closing Ceremony Speeches by:
  • Mr. Tahar Afify, President of the Municipal Council of Essaouira,
  • Mr. F. Carrillo Montesinos, Director of UNESCO Office, Tunis, Regional Advisor for Social Sciences
  • Mr Kacem Bensalah, Director ad interim of the UNESCO Office, Beirut
  • Mrs Lamia Salman El Madini, UNESCO Representative in Morocco;
  • The representatives of the partner cities.
Signature of the letter of intent on the creation of the small coastal cities network

Signature of the letters of intent on co-operation between the Municipalities of Saint-Malo, Alghero, Sciacca and Licata and Essaouira

Signature of the letter of intent on co-operation between the the towns of Taglio di Po (Italy) and Omisalj (Croatia) ;

Message de fidélité et d’attachement addressed to the Royal Cabinet
by Mr. Saïd Berdouz, President of the Essaouira Provincial Assembly

Tea Ceremony

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