Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Project Planning
3. Institutional Strengthening
  3.1 Beach Monitoring Programmes
    3.1.1 Description of Activities
    3.1.2 Assessment
  3.2 Utilization of Beach Change Databases
  3.3 Development of Wise Management Practices
4. Public Awareness and Education
5. Socio-Cultural Domain
  5.1 Socio-cultural Survey
  5.2 Environmental Indicators
6. Project Directions 1998-1999
7. Concluding Remarks
Appendix I: Activities and participants in the COSALC Project during the period 01.01.96-31.12.97
Appendix II: Summary of the status of the beach monitoring programmes as of 31.12.97 37
Appendix III: List of equipment supplied to each country/territory in 1996-1997
Appendix IV: List of abbreviations
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