Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Annex III



Each group should appoint a chairperson and rapporteur. These two individuals will be responsible for compiling the group's written report and for presenting the group's report on the afternoon session of Friday 25th October, 2 - 3 pm. Group written reports must be given to the workshop coordinator (Gillian Cambers) by 9 am on Friday morning, 25th October, 1996.

Deliberation guidelines

The overall purpose of this session is to assist COSALC, UNESCO and other agencies/projects with their programme planning for improved beach management in the region within the overall framework of integrated coastal management (ICM). We recommend a very practical approach, drawing from ongoing and planned projects, about which you have heard this morning, and integrating your needs into these projects and vice versa. Please consider improved beach management at several levels, over a five-year time span (although obviously in some areas you may wish to extend your deliberations to cover a longer time period):

You are asked to define specific goals (that can be achieved both with and without external assistance) and how to reach those goals. Particularly, consider cooperation with other Caribbean countries through mechanisms such as 'Technical cooperation between developing countries'. Please do not provide an ideal, 'wish list' approach, in these days of reduced external aid this is not practical.

The following is a list of subject areas and questions which you might find useful in your deliberations:

1. Additional information needs

Do we need to start/continue measuring beach changes? Are there other parameters that we need to measure to achieve our goal - If yes, what are they? Is existing information being used fully, if not how can we improve on its application? Is existing information fully integrated into our GIS (Geographical Information Systems), if not what needs to be done to ensure that it is? Are there any areas where we need more information to manage our beaches - what are they?

2. National institutional strengthening needs

Does there have to be a lead agency in this effort? If so what type of agency? Is further cooperation with other agencies required, which ones and how are you going to achieve this?

3. Awareness needs

4. Education needs

5. Planning and legislative needs

6. Enforcement needs

What needs to be done to improve enforcement of existing laws/ordinances relating to beach management? Consider enforcement at a local level by communities and resource users.

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