Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Annex IV


Thursday 24th October, 1996

Purpose of the field trip

To observe en route and during various stops a variety of coastal developments and activities including active sand mining sites, restored and un-restored mining sites, dune restoration efforts, tourism and residential developments.

Field trip leader:

Mrs Andrea Handler Ruiz,
Geology Division,
Department of Natural and Environmental Resources,
Puerto Rico.

Stop 1

Active sand mining operation
(Roland Cordero, Cordeco - Arenas del Oeste Tel: 787 872 1425).
North of the road - Wet pit sand mining; site of past dune restoration effort using limestone boulders; future restoration efforts will use discarded wooden pallets.
South of the road - Dry pit backfill mining area.

Stop 2

To the east - Beachfront cabin development
(Mima Hau, Villas Del Mar, Hau, Tel: 787 872 2045).
Evaluation of site location, beach erosion, beach access, security, recreational facilities and overall compatibility with the natural environment.
To the west - View of a depression behind the dune line left by a sand mining operation.

Stop 3

To the north - Eolionite outcropping.
To the east - Dune restoration effort with discarded pine trees; site of future restoration effort with used wooden pallets; site of inland sand extraction.

Stop 4

Visit to an upscale housing development on the coast, Villa Montana
Tel: 787 852 8904

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