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UNESCO develops Resources Re-Cycling Book for Qatar, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Energy, and Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture

Waste management is becoming increasingly important in the world.

In the future, sustainable waste management techniques will become an integral part of the knowledge society, with a tremendous input based on education and science, and it will lead to positive environmental changes.

Science & Technology based waste management will not only contribute to cleaner landscapes, cities, and environments, it will also help saving costs, and generate jobs and income in the waste management industry.

Education and awareness of the youth is essential for the successful development of professional waste management systems. The children of today will be the environmental managers of tomorrow.

The UNESCO Office Doha actively promotes recycling activities in schools since several years with its Qatari partners. This new book with an environmental quiz is an intersectoral product of UNESCOs Science, and Education sectors. It is another important milestone towards the development of a sophisticated waste management culture in The State of Qatar in the first phase of the project. Later the same project will be extended to the GCC level, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

UNESCO is deeply grateful to Qatar Petroleum, QAFCO, Qatar Gas, OXY, as well as UNESCO's platform on Environment and Development in Coastal Regions and Small Islands (CSI), for their generous financial support, and their interest to improve environmental living conditions in Qatar via environmental education.

The resources re-cycling book, which will be printed on recycled paper, will promote the waste-management philosophy "reduce, reuse, recycle". It will be available in the Arabic and English languages, and aims at all citizen above the age of 12. The book will contain a CD-Rom, which is currently being produced by Q-Visions. Further technical assistance has been provided by the Friends of the Environment Centre, the Hamad Hospital, as well as the Qatar News Agency.

Two attractive environment prices will be associated with the book. Interested parties can contact the UNESCO Office via their recently established web-page at http://www.unesco.org/doha/

by Dr. Abdalla Bubtana, Director, UNESCO Doha Office, 21 October 2002

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