Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Coastal region and small island papers 6


In the implementation of the UNESCO co-sponsored project on Jakarta Bay and Seribu Islands, recognition is due to the efforts and support of a number of partners, for without their co-operation the project would not have progressed. In terms of institutions, to be pointed out are the: Center for Oceanological Research and Development - Indonesian Institute of Sciences; Indonesian News Agency ANTARA; Indonesia Institute of Technology; Demography Institute - University of Indonesia; and the non-governmental organizations Kirai Indonesia Foundation, Self-Empowerment Foundation (Yayasan Bina Swadaya), Estuary Foundation (Yayasan Muara) and the Indonesian Child Care Group (Kelompok Pecinta Anak Indonesia).

The project has benefited from the strong commitment of the following: the communities of Banjarsari, Kapuk Muara, Kamal Muara and Kronjo; the managers of Pluit and Bintaro traditional markets; and Public Senior High School No. 34 - South Jakarta. These partners can be regarded as the primary agents of the project. Substantial support was given by the Provincial Government, the Municipalities of the Jakarta area, the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries as well as the Indonesian Navy.

The execution of the project has benefited from the contributions of a number of counterparts, in particular: Drs Ugo Bernieri, Hendro Sankoyo, Arnold Sinurat, and Suharsono, as well as Messrs Salam,Yulius Wibowo and Muhamad Yusri. Credit is due, for ensuring the projectís execution and support, to the staff of the UNESCO Jakarta Office, particularly the Director Stephen Hill, Nuning Wirjoatmodjo, Stefano Fazi and Han Qunli. Former staff member Robin Harger was instrumental in laying the basis for the project during the early stages.

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