Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Coastal region and small island papers 14

Colossal statue of Ptolemy 
(13 m long) salvaged 
between 1995 and 1996, 
exhibited in front of the 
Bibliotheca Alexandrina. 
Photo: S. Morcos.


Towards integrated management of
ALEXANDRIA'S coastal heritage

by Selim Morcos, Nils Tongring,Youssef Halim,
Mostafa El-Abbadi and Hassan Awad

a joint endeavour of the UNIVERSITY OF ALEXANDRIA,

Table of contents
Executive summary
1 Introduction
2 Alexandria's place in history
3 International workshop on submarine archaeology and coastal management
4 Follow-up activities
5 Concluding remarks
6 References and further reading
List of figures
Map showing location of Alexandria and the Pharos site
Photos and illustrations 
courtesy of
H. Frost, Hellenic Institute for Ancient and Mediaeval Alexandrian Studies,
Historical Picture Archive/Corbis,
 S. Morcos, D. Nakashima, G. Papatheodorou, Y. Pantzopulos and H. Tzalas.
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