Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Coastal region and small island papers 11
Annex VII 


Long-term benefit

The benefits of the activity are still evident x years from now and they improve environmental quality.

Capacity building and institutional strengthening

The activity provides improved management capabilities and education for the stakeholder groups as well as knowledge and efforts to protect the local coastal/marine environment.


The activity adheres to the principles of sustainability. (The extent to which the results will last and development continue once the project/programme has ended.)


Aspects of the activity can be applied to other sites in and/or outside of the country.

Interdisciplinary and intersectoral

The activity fully incorporates all relevant disciplines and all societal sectors.

Participatory process

Transparent participation of all the stakeholder groups as well as the involvement of individuals is intrinsic to the process.

Consensus building

The activity should benefit a majority of the stakeholder groups, whilst bearing in mind that in some cases certain under-privileged groups may need to be treated as special cases.

Effective and efficient communication process

A multidirectional communication process involving dialogue, consultation and discussion is needed to attain awareness.

Culturally respectful

The process values local traditional and cultural frameworks while also challenging their environmental validity.

Gender and/or sensitivity issues

The process accounts for the many aspects of gender and/or other sensitive issues.

Strengthening local identities

The activity provides a sense of belonging and self-reliance at various levels.

National legal policy

The activity shapes current government environmental, economic, legal and social policies.

Regional dimension

The activity should embody the regional economic, social and environmental perspective.

Human rights

The activity should provide freedom to exercise fundamental human rights.


The activity and the lessons learnt have been well documented.


The activity has been assessed to determine the extent to which integrated coastal management has been achieved and/or wise practice characteristics utilized.

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