Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Coastal region and small island papers 12

Table of contents
List of acronyms
Executive summary
1 Introduction
Background to the workshop
Workshop objectives
Workshop programme and participants
Workshop report
2 Nature of the conflicts
Coastal conflicts in urban and industrial areas
Coastal conflicts in non-urban areas
Coastal conflicts in protected areas
Concluding comments
3 Resolution and prevention of conflicts
Successful conflict resolution case studies
   Conflict resolution in a protected area: Chumbe Island, Tanzania
Resolution of aquaculture conflicts: White Sea, Russia
Case studies focusing on participatory processes and consensus building
Bringing stakeholders together: ASSBY, India
Mechanisms for bringing stakeholders together: wise practice agreements
Creating a ‘place of encounter’: Rio de la Plata, Uruguay
Traditional frameworks for conflict resolution: Saloum Delta, Senegal
Establishing lines of communication for conflict resolution: Omisalj, Croatia and Kotor, Yugoslavia (Montenegro)
Case studies focusing on activities to change attitudes
Demonstration houses: Mahdia, Tunisia and Latvia
Pilot farms: Maputaland
Community environmental committees: Jakarta Metropolitan Area, Indonesia
Raising public awareness: Lagos, Nigeria and Latvia
Role of the university chairs in conflict resolution
Concluding comments
4 Wise practice characteristics
Wise practice characteristics
Wise practice characteristics especially important for conflict resolution
Wise practice characteristics as an assessment tool
Concluding comments
5 Ethical codes of practice
An ethical dimension
Ethical codes of practice
Preliminary concepts for an ethical code of practice for donors
Concluding comments
6 Conclusions
Annex I: CSI field projects, university chairs and networks
Annex II: Workshop programme
Annex III: List of workshop participants
Annex IV: List of workshop papers
Annex V: Project assessment guidelines
Annex VI: Subject index
Annex VII: Geographical index
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