Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands

Coastal region and small island papers 15

Table of contents

Memorial for a remarkable man
Executive summary (in English, French and Bislama
1. Introduction
Customary marine tenure in Vanuatu
Background to Vanuatu
2. Survey of marine resource management measures, 1993 and 2001
Grouped results of marine resource management measures
Specific marine resource management measures
       Trochus and green snail management
Control of sea turtle harvest
Fishing ground closures and control of spearfishing and use of nets
Controlled harvesting of bęche-de-mer
Marine protected areas
3. Assessment of village-based marine resource management measures
A local conservation ethic 
Department of Fisheries extension activities
Marine tenure disputes
Village-based enforcement and factors affecting compliance
Police support for customary law 
Legislated support for marine resource management
Closed Area Order
Community Conservation Areas
4. Final remarks
Education – not just for villagers
Annex 1: Vanuatu village-based marine resource management regulations 
for tenured fishing grounds, 1993 and 2001




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