Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands

Coastal region and small island papers 16

Table of contents

Foreword        Avant-propos        Prólogo
Executive summary        Résumé analytique        Resumen ejecutivo
1. Introduction
Small islands working together
Small Islands Voice
2. Finding out the issues
Opinion surveys
    Summarized results of the opinion surveys
Meetings, workshops and conferences
Global internet discussions
General public
Concluding comments
3. Island heritage
Natural beauty of islands
Traditions, culture and language
Loss of cultural heritage
Concluding comments
4. Changing structure of island society
Traditional leadership
Cook Islands
Influx of foreign workers
Lack of jobs for school leavers
Increase in crime and violence
Concluding comments
5. Changing island infrastructure
New infrastructure and environmental degradation
Need for new infrastructure
Economic issues
Economic downturns
Concluding comments
6. Environmental changes
Beach issues
Pollution and water issues
Waste disposal
Concluding comments
7. Concluding remarks
Annex 1 Opinion survey logistics
Annex 2 Schools involved in the Small Islands Voice internet-based youth forum (Phase 2, 2003)
Annex 3  Quantitative summaries of Small Islands Voice internet-based global forum
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