Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands

Coastal management sourcebooks 3

Table of Contents

How to Use this Handbook
A. Edwards
Guidelines for Busy Decision Makers
A. Edwards
Background to the Research behind the Handbook
E. Green, A. Edwards
Part 1: Remote Sensing for Coastal Managers: an Introduction
  Chapter 1. Introduction to Remote Sensing of Coastal Environments
A. Edwards
  Chapter 2. Remote Sensing Objectives of Coastal Managers
P. Mumby, A. Edwards
  Chapter 3. Satellite and Airborne Sensors Useful in Coastal Applications
E. Green
  Chapter 4. Field Survey: Building the Link between Image and Reality
P. Mumby, E. Green
Part 2: The Acquisition, Correction and Calibration of Remotely Sensed Data
  Chapter 5. Acquisition of Remotely Sensed Imagery
P. Mumby, E. Green
  Chapter 6. Geometric Correction of Satellite and Airborne Imagery
E. Green, C. Clark,A. Edwards
  Chapter 7. Radiometric Correction of Satellite and Airborne Images
P. Mumby, C. Clark
  Chapter 8. Water Column Correction Techniques
P. Mumby, A. Edwards
Part 3: Habitat Classification and Mapping
  Chapter 9. Methodologies for Defining Habitats
P. Mumby
  Chapter 10. Image Classification and Habitat Mapping
E. Green, C. Clark,A. Edwards
  Chapter 11. Mapping Coral Reefs and Macroalgae
P. Mumby, E. Green
  Chapter 12. Mapping Seagrass Beds
P. Mumby, E. Green
  Chapter 13. Mapping Mangroves
E. Green, P. Mumby
Part 4: Mapping Depth and Water Quality
  Chapter 14. Monitoring Coastal Water Quality
A. Edwards, C. Clark
  Chapter 15. Mapping Bathymetry
E. Green,A. Edwards, P. Mumby
Part 5: Quantitative Measurement of Ecological Parameters and Marine Resource Assessment
  Chapter 16. Assessing Seagrass Standing Crop
P. Mumby
  Chapter 17. Assessing Mangrove Leaf Area Index and Canopy Closure
E. Green, C. Clark
  Chapter 18. Assessment of Marine Resources: a Review
A. Edwards
Part 6: Cost-effectiveness of Remote Sensing
  Chapter 19. Cost-effectiveness of Remote Sensing for Coastal Management
P. Mumby, E. Green,A. Edwards, C. Clark
Future Prospects
C. Clark
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
A. Edwards, C. Clark
  Appendix 1: Information Networks and Internet Resources Directory
A. Edwards, C. Clark, E. Green, P. Mumby
  Appendix 2: Suppliers of Remotely Sensed Data
P. Mumby
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