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Strengthening the multimedia telecentre at Dubique

Dubique is an isolated rural village on the south coast of Dominica. A multimedia telecentre, with two computers, a printer and a telephone line was established in the village community centre in 2001 as part of a UNESCO communications project. Training in computer skills, typing and basic English, was also provided for youth and villagers. The villagers play their part in maintaining the centre through fund raising and monthly contributions.

Young people using the telecentre in Dubique, 2001

A report from the Dubique Integrated Committee (July 2001) stated 'The youth in particular have benefited in a variety of ways, namely basic computer literacy, basic English skills, help with their home assignments, and socialization. The presence of the telecentre has reduced the number of idle individuals known to be roaming the streets. The excitement present among the youth is increasing as they learn more about the functions of the computer. Adults are also showing great interest in typing courses and about ten adults are enrolled - more are expected to join'.

As part of Small Islands Voice activities, and described in a December 2003 progress report, additional computers have been provided as well as internet connections. Further training in computer and internet use was given to young people and adults so that villagers can benefit from the internet and also participate in the Small Islands Voice internet-based global forum and the youth forum. Training in computer maintenance was provided to the persons managing the Dubique tele-centre.

The telecentre is becoming an integral part of the Dubique community and a centre for youth activities; this is besides providing computer and internet services. Other activities such as the formation of a youth group and the cultivation of vegetables are described in the April 2004 Progress report, prepared by Asha James.

Kenny James, assisted by Emmeline Joseph and Lisa Alcendor access the Small Islands Voice internet forums at the Dubique telelcentre


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Ms. Gloria Shillingford
UNESCO National Commission for the Commonwealth of Dominica
Ministry of Education
Government Headquarter
Roseau, Dominica
T: +1 767 449 9059
F: + 1 767 448 0644


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