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Second Regional Sandwatch Project Workshop, 7-9th July 2003

Sharing Sandwatch results and ideas

Mr. Anderson Whittier presenting the results of Sandwatch beach monitoring in Barbados

Ms. Whitney Henry and Ms. Zayne Fevrier from St. Lucia presenting the results of their beach monitoring activities

Participants from Cuba and the Dominican Republic sharing their ideas during a group discussion session

Mr. Randel Thompson of St. Kitts and Nevis being interviewed by Dominica's Government Information Service

Ms Katie Joseph from the Bahamas displaying a 'beach debris pizza'


To get involved, contact :


Ms. Gloria Shillingford
UNESCO National Commission for the Commonwealth of Dominica
Ministry of Education
Government Headquarter
Roseau, Dominica
T: +1 767 449 9059
F: + 1 767 448 0644


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