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Second Regional Sandwatch Project Workshop, 7-9th July 2003

Proposals for Sandwatch in Cook Islands and Palau

Cook Islands

Ms. Natalie Fatalie, from Cook Islands, on her participation in the Second Regional Sandwatch workshop writes:

"I enjoyed the Sandwatch workshop in that I was able to meet and learn so much from people around the world and was also able to share something about what the Cook Islands is like with the other participants. I found that judging the Sandwatch projects from the different countries was very difficult but learnt a lot from this experience both about Sandwatch and the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. I have also heard first hand of the benefits of both Sandwatch and the Small Islands Voice Project and looking forward to working on these projects in the Cook Islands.

Implementation of Sandwatch in the Cook Islands

On returning from the workshop I have met with the Science Advisor for the Cook Islands, Ms. Gail Townsend, and have discussed how we will be able to implement Sandwatch in our schools. As we do not have all the equipment we need available to us we may start with the activities that do not require much equipment. We are looking towards holding a workshop for Upper Primary School Teachers later this year. In addition I am planning to discuss with Mr. Chris Story how Sandwatch can be integrated into the ASP Network here. In the longer term we are considering the possibility of a national Sandwatch competition and if it was to expand through out the Pacific a Regional Pacific Workshop for participating countries.

We will also look at the possibility of expanding Small Islands Voice through the ASP Network Schools. On a personal note I am quite able to use the Sandwatch project with my own Form 7 Geography students and look forward to doing so in 2004".


Ms. Anu Gupta, from Palau, on her involvement in the Second Regional Sandwatch workshop writes:

"It is clear that those students and teachers involved with the Sandwatch Programme found it to be rewarded and enjoyable.

Implementation of Sandwatch in Palau

This is definitely an activity that I will continue to push in Palau, and will encourage the new Environmental Educator at the Palau Environmental Quality Protection Board to push as well. I am considering starting with a pilot project in Ngiwal. Previously, I have had a good working relationship with the Principal of the Ngiwal School, who has been very excited about getting her students involved with environmental activities. In addition, the school is located across the street from a beach. Most of the schools in Babeldaob could benefit from this program, given that teachers are often starved for new information and activities, and given that the majority of villages and schools are adjacent to beaches. While beaches are not of great concern in Palau at the moment, pending development pressures indicate the need to focus on them early. In addition, the monitoring skills that students learn through this program could be applied to other environments with more pressing concerns (such as mangroves). This means that the focus of the program would likely be primary schools, as Koror has little access to beaches. One other possibility is to create a joint program with the Palau Pacific Resort (PPR), as they own the only beach in Koror. I have been fortunate in that I have worked with PPR in the past on environmental activities, and thus have established a good working relationship. Perhaps they could allow high school clubs or the Palau Community College Environmental Club (newly formed in 2003) access to their beach to conduct the program. EQPB is also hoping to hold an Environmental Educators' forum sometime in 2003, at which point in time this program can be introduced and its applicability assessed. "


To get involved, contact :


Ms. Gloria Shillingford
UNESCO National Commission for the Commonwealth of Dominica
Ministry of Education
Government Headquarter
Roseau, Dominica
T: +1 767 449 9059
F: + 1 767 448 0644


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