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Revival of Important Principles and Practices to Lessen Evil in the Society
(A project to implement a cultural retrieval with and for the children of Bequia)

Bequia traditionally was a network of families. Everyone was typically related in one way or another. Respect for the elders was one characteristic that held the society together. Hard work, teamwork, self-sacrifice, courage, responsibility, loyalty, faith and community spirit were other qualities that contributed to the kinship of this small island population.

However, as a result of materialism and the exposure to foreign cultures through television and other electronic media, as well as other factors, the state of society has declined, and features a generation of functionally-illiterate workers, a high rate of teenage pregnancy, and widespread alcohol and drug abuse.

This project seeks to reverse the decline in family values and to target the children at risk with a musical and cultural expression programme that focuses particularly on drumming and developing self-esteem.

Read a newspaper article and the project report and see how the project is already beginning to make a difference.

March 2006: The RIPPLES Group were the proud winners of a silver medal at the Digicel Concert, click here to see photos.

July 2006: RIPPLES and Sandwatch teams conduct a beach clean-up at Lower Bay and find treasure

August 2006: RIPPLES group bridges the generation gap by bringing the young and the old together to share music, songs and stories.

August 2006: RIPPLES visit to the indigenous Radio Garifuna

October 2006: RIPPLES participated in celebrations on the 27th anniversary of Independence. Children successfully put on a performance presenting a captivating journey from colonization and slavery to independence. They have also been trained to play drum which will allow them to show/present their talents in their respective schools.

December 2006: RIPPLES participated and contributed to the cultural diversity at the Community Lighting Festival.


To get involved, contact :

National Co-ordinators
Mr. Herman Belmar
Bequia Community High School
P. O. Box 75,
Port Elizabeth,
Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines
T: + 1 784 458 3385
Mrs. Joanna Stowe
Bequia Community High School
P.O. Box 47 BQ, Friendship,
Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines
T: + 1 784 458 3385

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