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Review of Barbados Programme of Action by civil society in Mauritius

The United Nations meeting scheduled to be held in Mauritius in 2004 to review the progress made by Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action, offers a valuable opportunity for the civil society stakeholders of Mauritius to contribute by reviewing the implementation of national policy, programmes and projects, and to establish a linkage with the regional agenda of the Indian Ocean SIDS.

Small Islands Voice seeks to develop a civil society perspective towards the review. The Centre for Documentation, Research and Training on the South West Indian Ocean (CEDREFI), a research-oriented non-governmental organisation (NGO), actively involved in people-centred development and regional cooperation issues in the Indian Ocean region, will lead this civil society consultation process.

A two-day (weekend) residential workshop was held at Calodyne sur Mer, Grand Gaube, Mauritius from 3-5th October 2003. NGOs that are actively involved in sustainable development issues and major groups such as trade unions, women's group, youth movement, fishermen associations, small planters association, civics and community based organisations were invited. Representatives of Government, private sector and the Indian Ocean Commission were also asked to share their perspective. Civil society representatives from Rodriques, Maldives, Reunion and Comoros also attended.

Since it was unrealistic to try to review all the chapters of the Barbados Programme of Action in such a short period of time, key issues were selected. These included climate change and sea level rise, sustainable tourism and integrated coastal zone management, trade issues and sustainable development, regional integration and the issue of vulnerability of Indian Ocean SIDS. The workshop resulted in the Calodyne sur Mer Declaration. A full report has been prepared; the workshop was also reported in the press in Le Mauricien and Business Magazine Ltd. The workshop is seen as the first phase of a preparatory process leading to the international review of the Barbados Programme of Action.


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Mr. Pynee Chellapermal
Centre for Documentation, Research and Training on the South West Indian Ocean
P.O. BOX 91, Rose Hill, Republic of Mauritius
T +230 465 5036
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