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Steering Committee

Small Islands Voice Steering Committee Chairman, National Coordinator and Ministry of Environment

Mr. Rolph Payet

Small Islands Voice Assistant National Coordinator and Ministry of Environment

Mr. Alain De Comarmond

Liaison Unit for Non Government Organisations

Mr. Matthew Servina

Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources

Ms. Linetta Joubert

Ministry of Education and Youth

Mr. Selby Dora

Ministry of Education and Youth

Ms. Jeanette Larue

Ministry of Education and Youth, Youth Department      

Ms. Sabrina Marie

Ministry of Environment

Ms. Lena Desaubin      

Ministry of Landuse and Habitat

Mr. Royston Meriton   

Ministry of Local Government and Sports

Mr. Beven Vidot

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation

Mr. Pat Mathiot

Seychelles Consumer Association

Ms. Rachel Marie

Youthinfo Club Mr. Pascal Marie


Small Islands Voice Inter-regional Conference Call with the Participation of the Seychelles Steering Committee Members

29th October 2002

Participants from the Seychelles

Mr. Rolph Payet
Mr. Alain De Comarmond
Ms. Francoise Dupres
Ms. Jeanette Larue
Mr. Pat Mathiot
Ms. Lena Desaubin
Ms. Sabrina Marie


Members of the Seychelles Steering Committee as well as everybody else introduced themselves personally and their relation/contribution to the Small Islands Voice Project. Mr. Payet and Mr. De Comarmond briefed UNESCO and the other islands on the latest developments concerning the SIV activities in Seychelles, particularly how the community survey was carried out and how successful it had been. Ms. Jeanette Larue made a briefing on the Young Islanders Forum and some of the outcomes of it.

Each member of the steering committee present then had the opportunity to state how they can contribute towards the project and suggested activities that can be carried out in 2003 as part of the project. Proposed activities from the conference call:

  • Community activities and use of existing media (community meetings, radio talk shows, television programmes, newspaper articles, distribution of printed materials), e.g. more environmental and consumer-related programmes. ·
  • Presentations by the Ministry of Environment/authority responsible on environmental problems in districts.
  • More printed materials on environmental and developmental issues to be distributed.
  • Project online newsletter.
  • Exchanges, e.g. visits for Young Islanders Forum participants.
  • Youth activities, encouraging the participation of youth.

It must be noted that Ms. Sabrina Marie who was going to be participating at the Inter-regional meeting in Palau also participated in the conference call and also suggested activities as to how the youths can be involved in the project.

Finally, general logistical matters related to the Palau meeting were discussed.


To get involved, contact :


National Co-ordinators
Mr Rolph Payet and Mr Alain De Comarmond
Ministry of Environment
PO Box 677, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles
Tel: + 248 224 644
Fax: 248 322 945


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