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Civil Society Workshop for Indian Ocean Islands on Democratic Governance and Sustainable Development

A workshop for civil society representatives from Indian Ocean islands was held in Seychelles 26-30 January 2004. Civil society representatives from Mauritius, Rodrigues, Chagos refugee groups from Mauritius, and Seychelles attended. The workshop focused on democratic governance and sustainable development in small islands. The workshop agenda included a wide variety of topics ranging from sustainable tourism to spiritual education, and from population policy to climate change. Organised by a non-governmental organization, the Centre for Rights and Development (CEFRAD), and supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat and other organizations, participants to the workshop developed a list of issues where further work was necessary. The list was wide ranging, covering areas such as small business and education, as well as the rights of women and the future of the Chagossian people. A proposal for a Small islands Peace Action Initiative was considered. The workshop provided material for the 2004 review of the Barbados Programme of Action for Small Island Developing States. Further information about the outcome of the workshop is available in the Workshop Communique.

Within the framework of Small Islands Voice, a communications unit was established within CEFRAD to facilitate online discussions prior to the workshop and following the event.


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National Co-ordinators
Mr Rolph Payet and Mr Alain De Comarmond
Ministry of Environment
PO Box 677, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles
Tel: + 248 224 644
Fax: 248 322 945


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