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Youth Exchange between Seychelles and Maldives

The Maldivians' Visit in December: Mahe

Sunday 12th December 2004

At 12.00pm the members of PRS SIV YOUTH and Miss Farida met at the airport of PRASLIN.

At 12.30pm we were on the plane on our way to Mahe and upon arrival we were greeted by the co-ordinator of SIV youth in Seychelles, Mr. Alain De Commarmond. We boarded the bus to our destination the youth hostel at Anse Royale. We returned to the airport at 14.30pm to welcome our visitors, the students from the Amaddhiya School in the Maldives.

We welcomed them with soft drinks and snacks at the airport. Then we all made our way to the hostel.

The boys and girls were put in separate rooms. Later we went down to the beach at Anse Royale and this was followed by dinner. After dinner we had a small meeting so as to lay down our plan to our visitors.

After this we all went to bed, excited about the next day.

Monday 13th December 2004

We woke up at 6.30am and had breakfast at the girls' dormitory and 8.00am we left the hostel. Our tour for that day consisted of visits to the Ministry of Education, the youth centre, the capital Victoria, the National library, the Vice President and the Botanical Garden where we had our lunch. At 17.00pm we returned to the hostel, all exhausted but happy.

Tuesday 14th December 2004

At 7.00am we were all up and at 8.00am we had our breakfast. Then we went to Cap Ternay beach where we met some members of the Young Citizen group (This is a movement which is aiming mainly at getting the youth of our society to be responsible and reinforce the moral values that was once an integral part of our society. It targets students from the primary and secondary schools). At 12.00pm we made our way to Victoria to meet the Minister of Environment, Mr Ronny Jumeau to have lunch with him. We returned to the hostel at 4.30pm and went to bed late because we were playing games till 1 o'clock in the morning.

Wednesday 15th December 2004

This was our last day on Mahe. In the morning we packed and later we went to the Youth Assembly to attend a session. This was followed by a last tour of Victoria and a visit to Mont Royale (a rehabilitation centre for drugs addict). At 3.00pm we took the catamaran, Cat Cocos to Praslin

Ruby Goorye


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National Co-ordinators
Mr Rolph Payet and Mr Alain De Comarmond
Ministry of Environment
PO Box 677, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles
Tel: + 248 224 644
Fax: 248 322 945


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