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The Cook Islands comprise 15 islands, with a land area of 240 km2 (93 miles2), spread over an area of 1.3 million km2 (0.5 million miles2) of ocean. The Southern Group, of which Rarotonga is the main island, also includes Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke and Mitiaro. The Northern Group composed of Penrhyn, Pukapuka, Nassau, Manihiki, Rakahanga and Palmerston (see map below). The population is estimated at 13,000 (February 2003 census report) with 60% living in the capital island of Rarotonga. The people are descended from Polynesians and Europeans. The official language is English, while Cook Islands Maori is widely spoken. The local currency is the New Zealand dollar.

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To get involved, contact :


Ms. Imogen Ingram
Island Sustainability Alliance (C.I.) Inc.
P.O. Box 492
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
T 682 22128, 682 58289 (m)
F 682 22128

Ms. Jacqui Evans
Taporoporoanga Ipukarea Society
P.O. Box 796
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
T 682 29110 (w) 682 55050 (m)

Ms. Gail Townsend and Ms Jane Taurarii
Curriculum Development Unit
Ministry of Education
P.O. Box 97,
Nikao, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
T 682 25270 F 682 28357


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