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Cook Islands First Survey: Aitutaki and Rarotonga, June to July 2002

A preliminary survey of environment-development issues in the Cook Islands was conducted by Dr. Karen Malone and Dr. Julie Edwards of the Department of Education, Monash University, Australia, assisted by 25 student teachers on field placement in primary schools in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. This survey was conducted over a three-week period from 22nd June to 15th July 2002. The survey involved young people of primary and secondary school age and focused on their experiences of growing up in Cook Islands and how they perceived environment-development issues and tourism. Three different survey forms were prepared, one for children, one for youth, and one for adults.

The survey concentrated on Rarotonga, the main island, and on Aitutaki, one of the islands in the Southern Group.

Highlights from this preliminary survey are available at http://www.unesco.org/csi/smis/siv/Pacific/pachighlights_ci.htm. The full report from this preliminary survey is available at http://www.unesco.org/csi/smis/siv/Pacific/CookIslandssurveyreport.rtf

Cook Islands Second Survey: Aitutaki, Rarotonga, Mitiaro, Mauke, Manihiki, and Pukapuka, August to December 2002

A more detailed survey, using the same survey forms and focusing on the outer islands, was conducted during the second half of 2002 by the Rarotonga Environmental Awareness Programme (REAP). The survey focused particularly on children (8-12 years), youth (13-21 years), young adults (22-35 years) and community leaders in Mitiaro and Mauke in the Southern group islands, and in Manihiki and Pukapuka in the Northern group islands. Additional children, youth and community representatives were also interviewed in Rarotonga during this second survey. The results have been analysed and the full report of the second survey is now available. Highlights from the second survey have also been prepared.


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National Co-ordinator
Mr Bruce Gray Rarotonga
Environmental Awareness Programme (REAP)
P.O.Box 2151,
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
T ++ 682 26759
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