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Small Islands Voice Youth Internet Forum

Different groups of about 30 students, aged 13-14 years, from Mindzenty High School in Koror have been taking part in the Small Islands Voice youth internet forum since it started in 2002. With the help of Mr. Yalap Yalap of Palau Conservation Society and Mr. Martin Carl, a teacher at Mindzenty High School, the students discuss and write about the theme issues in their class time. Those students who perform well at this activity, as well as getting good grades at school, are selected to go to the internet café in town and take part in the forum. Each student is allowed an hour at the internet café each week.

One of the internet cafes in Koror, Palau, July 2002

Youth forum poster

The time spent in preparation and groundwork obviously pays off, since some of the students' contributions on the forum deal with a variety of subjects in considerable depth. For example, in April 2004 there was a very detailed discussion on why foreign workers do not pose a threat to Palau ('Get da facts') and this was further complimented with views from a foreign student studying and living in Palau ('Life and love on our island'). These and other contributions can be seen at www.sivyouth.org with username view and password only.


To get involved, contact :


National Co-ordinator
Mr Joe Chilton
Palau Community College
PO Box 9
Koror, 96940
Republic of Palau
T: + 680 488 2470
F: + 680 488 6563

Ms. Tiare Holm
Palau Conservation Society
P.O. Box 1811,
Koror, 96940
Republic of Palau
T: ++ 680 488 3993
F: ++ 680 488 3990

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