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Youth-based activities in Dominica

  • A youth representative from Dominica visits Seychelles to participate in the activities surrounding the Seychellois Creole festival and to share the experience with peers back home, Oct '06
  • More than 3,000 primary school students in Dominica take part in a Youth Safeguarding Waters project, organised as part of the 2006 Summer vacation programme; while students from school Environmental Clubs participate in River Care monitoring activities, Jul '06
  • As part of Youth Visioning for Island Living, youth in Dominica implement activities to preserve their the Kwyl culture through a project called Parle Creole project, Mar '06
  • Youth at Goodwill Secondary School launch a new Phase 5 of the Small Islands Voice Youth Internet Forum with an article on their efforts to preserve the Kwyl culture (with username view and password only), Feb '06
  • Also as part of Youth Visioning for Island Living, young people in Gutter Village work to sensitize people about the need to keep their environment clean through a project called Sensitisation and Clean-up Campaign in Gutter Village, Jan '05
  • Students at Goodwill Secondary School report on their environmental activities in 2004-5, these range from community clean-ups to environmental summer camps
  • Students at Dublanc Primary School display their creative art and recycled materials to the UNESCO Secretary-General, Mr Kochiro Matsuura, during his visit to Dominica, Feb '05
  • Youth at the Dubique telecentre help the community with the formation of a youth group and in the cultivation of their own vegetables, Apr '04
  • Students and young people from Dubique and Grand Bay take part in the launch of Small Islands Voice at the Marigot Secondary School, see the report of the opening for photos and more information, January 2004
  • Students at the Dublanc Primary School hold a march to highlight the dirty condition of their beach and shame the community into cleaning the beach and keeping it clean, '03 and ongoing
  • Kenny James from the Dubique telecentre attended a one week workshop in Jamaica on Universal Access to Telecommunication Service and Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration to Enhance Rural and Remote Service in the Caribbean, Dec '03
  • The Multimedia Telecentre at Dubique now has internet connections as well as additional equipment and the young people in the community are able to take part in the Small Islands Voice internet-based discussions, as well as helping older community members learn computer skills, September 2003 onwards
  • Caribbean youth participate in a tree planting activity on the beach at Glanvillia in Dominica as part of the Second Regional Sandwatch ²project workshop, July 2003
  • Youth from twelve Caribbean countries participated in the Second Regional Sandwatch project workshop in Dominica and presented the results of their beach monitoring activities, July 2003



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