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Islands of the World VIII Changing Islands - Changing Worlds
Kinmen Island, Taiwan, 1-5 November 2004

This conference was the eighth in a series of international events organised by the International Island Studies Association, a group of island scholars, researchers and practitioners. Focusing on the theme 'Changing Island - Changing worlds', and taking place in Kinmen Island, a unique natural, cultural and historical location, the conference covered most of the current island issues ranging from culture and arts to economics and environment.

Two individuals represented Small Islands Voice. Dr. Gillian Cambers, Global Coordinator of Small Islands Voice, gave a keynote speech on 'Island Visioning' at the Opening Ceremony on 1st November 2004. She described the background and achievements of the initiative and focused on ways in which Island Visioning, particularly in the Pacific, was serving as a mechanism for island communities to take control of their own development and destiny. Her presentation also covered Youth Visioning, an inter-regional effort to promote youth-led sustainable development activities. A second presentation by Dr. Cambers on 2nd November 2004 focused on 'Managing Solid Waste from an Island Perspective'.

Ms. Imogen Ingram, Cook Islands Small Islands Voice Coordinator, also participated in the conference. Her first presentation on 'Pacific Islands already affected by Global Climate Change' described how global warming was impacting people's lives and she proposed a partnership between more developed countries and Pacific islands to help minimise the impact of climate change. Her second presentation on 'Pacific Islands Migration and Loss of Traditional Knowledge' focused on ways in which traditional subsistence lifestyles had changed and she emphasised that in order to preserve traditional knowledge, the importance of cultural heritage needs to be heightened.

Ms Imogen Ingram making a presentation On the 'Loss of Traditional Knowledge'

Dr. Gillian Cambers making the keynote presentation on 'Island Visioning'


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