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Youth ambassador from St. Kitts and Nevis visits Seychelles

During November, 2003, Mr. Samal Duggins, a student from the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in St. Kitts and Nevis, and author of the rap poem 'Mother Earth's Dying Cries', was invited to Seychelles by Mr. Mathew Servina, President of the Centre for Rights and Development to take part in a workshop on Democratic Governance. Unfortunately the workshop was postponed for administrative reasons. However, Samal made good use of his visit to meet with youth representatives from Seychelles, as well as with youth from Mauritius and Reunion who were visiting Seychelles for the Indian Ocean Youth Assembly. He met with government officials from the Ministries of Youth, and also Environment, and participated in a workshop organised by the Seychelles Red Cross. He had the opportunity to speak about his country and its cultural perspective to a wider audience during an interview with Paradise Radio. See a newspaper article and Samal's own report for more information.

Photo caption: Samal Duggins under a Coco-de-Mer tree in the Botanical Gardens in Seychelles, November 2003. (The Coco-de-Mer is the largest nut in the world).


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