Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands

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Important step forward towards establishing 'wise practice agreement' in the White Sea - Barents Sea Region May 2004
The time of sands… / Le sablier du temps… Oct. 2003
Coastal land tenure: a small-islands' perspective June 2002
Wise Coastal Practices, ASEAN's Small Islands Raise Their Voice January 2003
Managing conflicts over resources and values - continental coasts 2002, CSI papers 12
Conflict resolution in small islands: voluntary contracts and ethical codes of practice Nov. '01
Evolution of Village-based Marine Resource Management in Vanuatu between l993 and 2001
Wise practices for conflict prevention and resolution in small islands 2001, CSI papers 11
Wise Coastal Practices. Towards sustainable small-island living 2001, CSI papers 9
Wise coastal practices for sustainable human development. Results of an intersectoral workshop and preliminary findings of a follow-up virtual forum, 2000 CSI info 10 English Français
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