Aspects of Islamic Cultures

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Abu Rida Muhammad 'Abd al-Hadr

Professor of Philosophy at the Universities of Cairo and Kuwait. Specialist in Islamic philosophy and the history of Arab civilization. Author of numerous studies on Islamic philosophy and of critical editions of texts, particularly by al-Kindi and al-Ghazali.

University of Cairo

University of Kuwait

'Abd al-‘Aziz Kamil

Professor of Human Geography at the University of Cairo. Rector of the University of Kuwait. Former Vice-Prime Minister for Religious Affairs in Egypt. Author of some twenty works on contemporary Africa and Islamology, including: Ma’a al-Rasul wa’l-mujtama‘ [The Prophet Muhammad and Society], al-Islam wa’l-tafriqa al-‘ unîuriyya [Islam and Racial Discrimination] and al-Qur’an wa’l-tarikh [The Quran and History].

University of Cairo

Volumes: 2

Cherif Bassiouni

Professor of Law at De Paul College, Chicago. Secretary-general of the International Association of Penal Law. President of the International Institute of Criminal Science. Author of numerous publications, including The Islamic Criminal Justice System.

De Paul College, Chicago

Volumes: 2

C. E. Bosworth
Emeritus Professor of Arabic Studies
The University of Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom

Volumes: 3

Abdelwahab Bouhdiba

Professor of Islamic and Maghribi Sociology at the University of Tunis. Author of numerous studies on development and contemporary Islam, including: La sexualité en Islam, Criminalité et changements sociaux, L’imaginaire maghrébin and Raisons d’être.

Volumes: 2

Emel Dogramaci

Professor of English Literature and International Relations. Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Haceteppe University (Ankara). Author of numerous studies on Islamic civilization and women in the Muslim world.

Haceteppe University/

Volumes: 2

Duri, Abdul Aziz
spec. Arab history (esp. economic history); Professor of History, Jordan University; Member of the Royal Academy for Islamic Civilization Research; Honorary member of the Jordan Academy for the Arabic Language

Volumes: 5

Muhammad Fadil al-Jamali

Professor of Educational Science at the University of Tunis. Former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq. Author of numerous studies in English and Arabic on Islamic education and Islamology, including: Tarbiat al-insan al-jadi d [Education of the New Man] and Nahwa tajdid al-fikr al-isla mi fi’l-tarbiya [New Approaches to Islamic Thinking in Education].

Volumes: 2

Habib Fekih

Professor of the History of Arab and Islamic Philosophy at the University of Tunis. Specialist in ShÌ ‘ ite and Ismª ‘ lÌ thought. Author of numerous critical editions and studies on Islamic thought, including Les idées philosophiques et doctrinales des ismaéliens.

Volumes: 2

Chadly Fitouri

Professor of Educational Science at the University of Tunis. Director of Studies at the International Bureau of Education (Geneva). Author of numerous studies on educational science in Islam, including Bilingualism et biculturalism

Volumes: 2

R. N. Frye
Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies
Harvard University
Brimfield, MA, United States of America

Harvard University

Volumes: 3

Al-Dawalibi Muhammad Ma‘ruf

Former professor in the Faculties of Law and Theology of the University of Dakar, former President of the Chamber of Deputies and former Prime Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic. Adviser in the Royal Executive Office of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. President of the Association Islam-Occident. Author of numerous studies on Muslim law and Islamology.

Volumes: 2

El Hadj Ravane M'Baye

Education: Doctorate of Literature at Sorbonne University (June 1993, France), Doctorate of literature (3rd Cycle) at Dakar University (1976, Dakar), Master in Teaching (1973), Bachelor degree in Modern and Contemporary History, Bachelor degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies (1972, Dakar), General Certificate in Education specialized in literature and Philosophy.

Professor at Dakar University, General Inspector of Minister of Education since 1991, General commissioner to Senegalese Mission of Mecca Pilgrimage since 1974, Managing Director of the Islamic Institute of Dakar since 1974, President of Jury of examination at the National and Higher School of Administration and Magistrature of Senegal, Member of Senegalese Association of Studies and Juridical Researches (ASERJ), President of the office of Islamic Law Academy.

Chevalier of the National Order of Merit since 1980 (Senegal), Chevalier of the Legion of Honour – 1986 (France), Chevalier of the National Order of Lion 1992 (Senegal),  Chevalier of the Academic Palms.

University of Sheikh Anta Diop

Volumes: 2, 3

Nasr, Seyyed Hossein
Specialist in history of sciences, philosophy and Islamic studies; former Professor and Dean, Tehran University; founder and first President, Iranian Academy of Philosophy; currently University Professor, The George Washington University; Member, Institut International de Philosophie.

Volumes: 4 Part I

Tuhami Negra

Professor of Theology. Rector of the Zaytñ na University of Theology, Tunis. Author of numerous publications on Hadith and the Qur’an, including: Saykulu -jiyyat al-qissa fi’l-Qur’an [Psychology and Narrative in the Qur’an] and ‘Aqidat al-ba‘ th fi’l-Islam [Resurrection in Islam].

Volumes: 2

K. A. Nizami
Centre of Advanced Studies in History
Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh, India

Volumes: 5

Muhammad Talbi

Professor of History at the University of Tunis. Former Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Tunis. Author of numerous studies on the Aghlabids and medieval Islam.

Volumes: 2