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"Science and Technology in Islam"

Editors: Prof. A.Y. Al Hassan
Co-Editors: Prof. A.Z. Iskandar and 
Prof. Maqbul Ahmed (deceased)

Published in two parts:
Part I & Part II

Part I - Summary

Research into Islamic science and technology is still in its early stages, but there is now sufficient material available for a preliminary study. Volume IV is intended to fill a gap which deserves a major multi-volume work.

Part I is a review of the history of science in Islam. It deals with the contribution of Islamic civilization to mathematics, astronomy, and physics, which have long been acknowledged, but also advances made by Muslim scientists in the fields of cosmology, geology and mineralogy, zoology, veterinary science and botany.

Table of Contents


Ahmad Y. al-Hassan

I  Origin and Vitality of Islamic Science

Chapter 1.1(a)

Science before Islam
George A. Saliba

Chapter 1.1(b)

A note on the late Alexandrian medical curriculum curriculum
Albert Z. Iskandar

Chapter 1.2.

Factors behind the rise of Islamic Science
Ahmad Y. al-Hassan

Chapter 1.3.

The age of translation and the beginning of scientific Renaissance
Ahmad Y. al-Hassan

Chapter 1.4. 

The Classification of the sciences 
Mahdi al-Muhaqqiq

Chapter 1.5 

Transmission of Islamic science to the West
Ahmad  Y. al-Hassan

II  The Exact Sciences

Chapter 2.1. 

Roshdi Rashed

Chapter 2.2(a) 

Astronomical tables and theory 
Julio Samso

Chapter 2.2(b) 

Observatories and astronomical instruments
Muammar Dizer

Chapter 2.2(c) 

Julio Samso

Chapter 2.3(a)

Robert Hall

Chapter 2.3(b) 

Optics : Highlights from Islamic lands
 Elaheh Kheirandish

III  Earth and Life Sciences

Chapter 3.1. 

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Chapter 3.2. 

Geology and mineralogy
Munim M. al-Rawi

Chapter 3.3.

Zoology and veterinary science
 Abd al-Rahman Ibriq

Chapter 3.4. 

Toufic Fahd