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"Science and Technology in Islam"

Editor: Prof. A.Y. Al Hassan
Prof. Maqbul Ahmed (deceased) and Prof. A.Z. Iskandar

Published in two parts
Part I & Part II

Part II - Summary

Research into Islamic science and technology is still in its early stages, but there is now sufficient material available for a preliminary study. Volume IV is intended to fill a gap which deserves a major multi-volume work.

Part II deals with agricultural science, alchemy, chemistry and chemical technology, mining and metallurgy, military technology, textiles and manufacturing industries, mechanical technology, civil engineering, navigation and ship-building, medicine and pharmacy. Historians of Islamic science tend to limit their studies to the period up to the 16th century but, Part II of this volume also deals with the continuation of science and technology in the Ottoman Empire, India and Iran.


IV :  Technology and Applied Sciences

Chapter 4.1.

Agricultural science 
Andrew M. Watson

Chapter 4.2.

Alchemy, chemistry and chemical technology
Ahmad Y. al-Hassan

Chapter 4.3. 

Mining and metallurgy
Ahmad Y. al-Hassan

Chapter 4.4.

Military fires, gunpowder and firearms
Ahmad Y. al-Hassan

Chapter 4.5.

Textiles and other manufacturing industries
Ahmad Y. al-Hassan

Chapter 4.6. 

Mechanical technology
Donald R. Hill

Chapter 4.7. 

Civil engineering
Donald R. Hill

Chapter 4.8. 

Navigation and ship-building
Hikmat Homsi

Chapter 4.9.

Military technology
Donald R. Hill

Chapter 4.10. 

The Engineers and artisans
Ahmad  Y. al-Hassan

V:  Medicine and Pharmacy

Chapter 5.1. 

Medical institutions, education and specialization 
Sami Khalaf Hamarneh

Chapter 5.2.

Anatomy, physiology and the study of the causes of disease (aetiology)
Ghada Karmi

Chapter 5.3(a) 

Clinical diagnosis, fevers and dietetics
Ghada Karmi

Chapter 5.3(b). 

Obstetrics and gynaecology up to the end of the fifteenth century
Aykut Kazancigil

Chapter 5.3(c)

 History of paediatrics
Mahmud al-Hajj Qasim Muhammad

Chapter 5.3(d) 

Psychiatry and neurology – Psychosomatic medicine
Sleim Ammar

Chapter 5.4. 

Serge Catahier

Chapter 5.5(a)

Ophthalmology in Islam
Sami K. Hamarneh and Nash'at Hamarneh

Chapter 5.5(b) 

Ear, nose and throat diseases
Serge Catahier

Chapter 5.5(c) 

Ilter Uzel

Chapter 5.6. 

Pharmacy and materia medica
 Sami Khalaf Hamarneh

VI:  Science, Medicine and Technology  (after the 16th century)

Chapter 6.1. 

Science and technology  in the Ottoman empire
Ekmeleddin  Ihsanoglu

Chapter 6.2.

 Science and technology in India during the Mughal period ( A brief survey of developments)
Abd al-Rahman

Chapter 6.3.

 Science in Iran in the last four centuries
Hossein M. Hamedanee


Ahmad  Y. al-Hassan and Antoine. B. Zahlan