Aspects of Islamic Cultures

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Islam in the World Today

Prof. Ali Kettani
Prof. Iba Der Thiam
Prof. Yusuf Ahmed Talib


The last 100 years of  Islamic history are examined in the final volume, although the approach is thematic rather than historical. The period considered has seen European colonialism in most of the Islamic world, and Islam has played a major role in the initiation and organization of resistance movements. We survey the groupings and forms of co-operation that have arisen since liberation from colonialism and investigate the political necessity and the moral stand that underlie the unity of the Islamic peoples. Social and economic progress is reviewed and space is devoted to such topics as the ongoing problem of Palestine, moves towards educational reform, and the status of women in Islam. As the Islamic world can not be imagined in isolation, this volume examines the attitude of contemporary Islam towards other religions and cultures, and considers efforts aimed at achieving mutual understanding and coexistence in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.