History of Civilizations of Central Asia

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The dawn of civilization:
earliest times to 700 B.C.

A.H. Dani and V.M. Masson

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Summary :

Based on archaeological discoveries, this volume traces the history of humanity in this vast region from the Palaeolithic beginnings to circa 700 BC preceding the foundation of the great Achaemenid Empire. The Stone Age with the beginning of food production, the great civilizations of the Bronze Age with the early process of urbanization from the Indus to the Oxus and the Iron Age are thoroughly studied. No less important a place is given to the history of nomadic pastoral tribes, such as those of the Indo-Iranians.

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icon1.gif (76 octets)  Table of Contents

Description of the project
Mohammad S. Asimov,
President, International Scientific Committee

Members of the International Scientific Committee

List of contributors

A.H. Dani and V.M. Masson

Chapter 1 The environment
V.M. Masson

Chapter 2 Lower Palaeolithic cultures
V.A. Ranov, D. Dorj and Lü Zun-E

Chapter 3 Middle Palaeolithic culture
Bridget Allchin

Chapter 4 Upper Palaeolithic cultures
A.P. Derevyanko and Lü Zun-E

Chapter 5 Food-producing and other Neolithic communities in Khorasan and Transoxania: eastern Iran, Soviet Central Asia and Afghanistan
V. Sarianidi

Chapter 6 Food-producing communities in Pakistan and northern India
M. Sharif and B.K. Thapar

Chapter 7 Neolithic communities in eastern parts of Central Asia
An Zhimin

Chapter 8 Neolithic tribes in northern parts of Central Asia
AP Derevyanko and D. Dorj

Chapter 9 The Bronze Age in Iran and Afghanistan
M. Tosi, S. Malek Shahmirzadi and M. Joyenda

Chapter 10 The Bronze Age in Khorasan and Transoxania
V.M. Masson

Chapter 11 Pre-Indus and early Indus cultures of Pakistan and India
J.G. Shaffer and B.K. Thapar

Chapter 12 The Indus Civilization
A.H. Dani and B.K. Thapar

Chapter 13 The Bronze Age in eastern parts of central Asia
An Zhimin

Chapter 14 The decline of the Bronze Age civilization and movements of the tribes
V.M. Masson

Chapter 15 The emergence of the Indo-Iranians: the Indo-Iranian languages
J. Harmatta

Chapter 16 Pastoral tribes of the Bronze Age in the Oxus Valley (Bactria)
B.A. Litvinsky and L.T. P’yankova

Chapter 17 Pastoral-agricultural tribes of Pakistan in the post-Indus period
A.H. Dani

Chapter 18 The Painted Grey Ware Culture of the Iron Age
B.B. Lal

Chapter 19 The beginning of the Iron Age in Transoxania
A. Askarov

Chapter 20 Pastoral and nomadic tribes at the beginning of the first millennium BC
A. Askarov, V. Volkov and N. Ser-Odjav

The Editors

Appendix: A note on the meaning of the term «Central Asia» as used in this book
L.I. Miroshnikov

Bibliography and References