2005 Convention - International Fund

Project profile list

List of project profiles recommended by the Panel of Experts to the Intergovernmental Committee

Country Number Applicant Name of applicant Score Project profile IdprojectsHidden
Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia) 045 SP Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries 32 English | French 662
Malawi (the Republic of Malawi) 054 SP Malawi National Commission for UNESCO 34 English | French 671
Peru (the Republic of Peru) 063 SP Dirrecion General de Fiscalizacion y Control del Ministerio de Cultura 32 English | French 680
Brazil (the Federative Republic of Brazil) 119 NGO Thydewa 33 English | French 736
South Africa (the Republic of South Africa) 121 NGO Arterial Network - South African Chapter 30 English | French 738
South Africa (the Republic of South Africa) 124 NGO ASSITEJ South Africa 36 English | French 741
INGO (INGO) 125 INGO PEN International 34 English | French 742
Burkina Faso (Burkina Faso) 141 SP Direction des Etudes et de la Planification du Ministère de la Culture et du Tourisme (MCT) du Burkina Faso 35 English | French 758
Zimbabwe (the Republic of Zimbabwe) 163 NGO ZIMCOPY(Reproduction Rights Organization of Zimbabwe) 37 English | French 780
Paraguay (the Republic of Paraguay) 171 NGO Asociacion Colectivo de Cultura y Participacion 33 English | French 788