Youth Creative Summer Camps


This project undertaken yearly since 2001, consists of the organization of summer camps with a duration of 10 days, aiming at promoting dialogue among young people with various cultural identities and at educating them in the spirit of respect for cultural diversity , tolerance and friendship, at an age when are forged the patterns of reaction during adulthood. Seven projects were carried on until now, bringing together 986 young people from 21 countries.

Niveau d’intervention géographique

  • National
  • Régional


  • Promouvoir une connaissance mutuelle de la diversité culturelle, ethnique, linguistique, religieuse
  • Renforcer l'éducation de qualité et le développement de compétences interculturelles

Pays bénéficiaire (s) / Groupes cibles

  • School students

Principaux partenaires

with the support of Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO
Hellenic Ministry of Public Education
General Secretariat for Younger Generations
Hellenic Parliament

Nom de l’organisation / Entité responsable principale

UNESCO Center for Women and Peace in the Balkan Countries

22/08/2010 - 31/08/2010