Second World Conference on Dialogue Among Religions and Civilisations


Being aware that the cultural heritage is a significant factor for identity and development of each country, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as a country rich with cultural heritage, pays special attention to the protection and promotion of cultural heritage. As the state rich with different cultural expressions, the Ministry of culture and National Commission for UNESCO always support the projects that promote and improve the cultural diversity and dialogue among diferent cultures and religions.
The organizing of the Second World Conference for the Dialogue Among Religions and Civilizationsthis in 2010, in Ohrid, represents a follow up of the First World Conference for the Dialogue Among Religions which was successfully realized on 26-28 October 2007 in Ohrid and as well as several important regional forums and conferences held in our country : the Regional forum of Heads of state “Dialogue among civilizations” under the auspices of the President Boris Trajkovski and the co-president of the General Director of UNESCO in terms of the Decade of OON and UNESCO for dialogue among civilizations, 28-29 August 2003 in Ohrid.; the Conference “Balkan inter religious dialogue” held 26-28 May 2006 in Ohrid.
The Second World Conference is organising within of the Decades of OON and UNESCO “Decade for dialogue among civilizations” and “Decade for culture on peace”. The organizer is the Ministry of culture in cooperation with the Commission for relations with the religion communities of Republic of Macedonia. In this regards we pay atention that on the First World Conference a Declaration was adopted by all the religious participants and intellectuals at the Conference and an International Committee was established for organizing of the next Conference in 2010. We were organize two meetings with this International Committee in order to make some preparatory consultations.

Niveau d’intervention géographique

  • International


  • Construire un cadre de valeurs communes
  • Favoriser le dialogue au service du développement durable

Pays bénéficiaire (s) / Groupes cibles

  • Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ministers of Culture, Directors/Presidents of Commissions for Relations with Religious Communities and Religious Groups from South-East European countries
  • Representatives of international organizations
  • Representatives of international organizations working in the area of human rights, youth and civil NGOs
  • Religious leaders, high ranking representatives of religious communities and organizations
  • Renowned experts and university professors working on issues in the area of religion and culture (due attention must be paid to good geographical- continental distribution and coverage of as large number of countries and religions as possible)

Principaux partenaires

UNESCO Office in Venice

Nom de l’organisation / Entité responsable principale

Ministry of Culture and National Commission for UNESCO of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Macédoine, L'Ex-République Yougoslave De
06/05/2010 - 09/05/2010