The Flounder, which taught the citizens of Gdańsk about the tolerance


The Project is a type of a museum lesson prepared and realized by the Education Department of Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. Its main objective is to present the multicultural society of Gdańsk in 16th and 17th century.
The tutor, who is dressed as a 16th century servant, tells a story about living and working in a rich merchant’s house. One of the householder’s habits was telling urban legends. The tutor presents the story of the flounder, whose image was hanging up on the City Hall’s tower to remain of the penance for being intolerant and unkind to strangers. Those that were rude were supposed to wear a necklace made of a dead flounder everytime the appear in public places.
The tutor also presents the multicultural old city of Gdańsk by showing some 'treasures' and asking the audience if it knows the country they may come from .
They include for example: Dutch tiles and clogs, Teutonic flag for Germany; raftman's clothes and cereal for Poland.
After the presentation, the tutor provide some pieces of information about the multinational society of the old Gdańsk and nearby villages – Poles, Germans, Dutch , Englishmen, Jews and Mennonites, explaining their specific habits.
The whole lesson takes about one and a half an hour.

Niveau d’intervention géographique

  • Local
  • Régional


  • Favoriser le dialogue au service du développement durable
  • Promouvoir une connaissance mutuelle de la diversité culturelle, ethnique, linguistique, religieuse
  • Renforcer l'éducation de qualité et le développement de compétences interculturelles

Pays bénéficiaire (s) / Groupes cibles

  • Maritime groups of interest
  • Youth
  • Museums
  • Schools

Nom de l’organisation / Entité responsable principale

The Polish Maritime Museum

01/09/2010 - 31/12/2010