Ukrainian Festival Artistic Family Ethnic Groups of Ukraine


The aim of this project - a definition of culture as an agent of democracy and an instrument of special development of Ukraine, in which hundreds of national communities live, revive their culture and are patriots of our beautiful homeland. Also, the aim of the project is the dialogue and rapprochement between nationalities living in Ukraine. Preserve their own languagues and cultures, ethnicities of Ukraine contribute to the preservation of the components of their clan, family and child. Family is the main carrier of national traditions, which for centuries helped to form the spiritual world, high moral virtue, including respect for elders, love for his native land. The family is a stable element in the education of ethnic and national identity. Growth of ethnic consciousness, activisation in the cultural life of society serve as finding new humanistic religious orientations, especially in a family environment.

Niveau d’intervention géographique

  • International


  • Construire un cadre de valeurs communes
  • Promouvoir une connaissance mutuelle de la diversité culturelle, ethnique, linguistique, religieuse
  • Renforcer l'éducation de qualité et le développement de compétences interculturelles

Nom de l’organisation / Entité responsable principale

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine

25/10/2010 - 31/10/2010