"Knowledge Route" Project


Due to the fact that in the year of 2010 we will celebrate the rapprochement of cultures we would like to take the opportunity to show the world the life and work of an internationally acclaimed scientist and language researcher, Alexander Csoma de Körösi.

On a local level there is an association (Körösi Csoma Sándor Cultural Association) dedicated to promote and research Korosi's life and work, who’s' activities include a yearly organised international conference, book editing and art expositions.

Our goal is to initiate and sustain international conferences under the topic: Alexander Csoma de Körösi and sharing the universal value.

The project THREE STATIONS wants to set an intercultural bridge in order to promote dialogue and diversity beyond nationality or religious differences and it will include the following activities:
- Three conference/workshop venues -
1. Chiurus/RO (birth place),
2. Göttingen/D (Göttingen was important station in his life, between 1816 and 1818 he studies there oriental languages)
3. Dargeeling/India (death place)
- art exposition about his portrait (painting, arts work,..)
- editing the conference materials and presentations in four languages (Romanian, Hungarian, English and French).
In the year of 1834 he walked 12,000 km for knowledge, making the first Tibetan grammar and vocabulary for the humanity, setting a remarkable example of mutual cultural understanding between the culture and religious groups. Today, in the view of a united Europe, when regional and cultural identities must be deeply recognised and sustained, the work and the life vision of a scientist like him must be known and widely spread.
Covasna County Council will undertake the role of the main organizer, having the professional and administrative guidance and assistance from the three partner institutions. The internationally conference will be attended by some of the best Oriental language professors and specialist from Romania, Hungary, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Japan and Germany. As a tribute to Körösi's scientifically heritage we would like to build up a web page, presenting photos, activities, descriptions of this project, photos about the memorial house renovation, his life and work, as well as the two decades work of the Körösi Csoma Sándor Cultural Association.

Niveau d’intervention géographique

  • International


  • Favoriser le dialogue au service du développement durable
  • Promouvoir une connaissance mutuelle de la diversité culturelle, ethnique, linguistique, religieuse
  • Renforcer l'éducation de qualité et le développement de compétences interculturelles

Pays bénéficiaire (s) / Groupes cibles

  • Youth
  • Large public
  • Academic environment
  • anguage scientists and research workers studying Alexander Csoma de Körösi's legacy
  • local community

Principaux partenaires

with the support of the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO
1. Körösi Csoma Sándor Cultural Association (RO)/József GAZDA;
2. Cultural House Covasna/Torday Cecilia;
3. Hungarian Geographical Museum, Erd/Hungary/prof. Kubasek János
4. Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Heritage

Nom de l’organisation / Entité responsable principale

Covasna County Council (Consiliul Judeţean Covasna)

01/03/2010 - 31/12/2010