Roundtable on Women and Rapprochement of Cultures


The International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures is defined to undertake and to foster four main lines of action, which include a) promoting reciprocal knowledge of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity b) building a framework for commonly shared values, c) strengthening quality education and the building of intercultural competencies, and d) fostering dialogue for sustainable development.

In line with and on the occasion of this international year, the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO is going to organise, in cooperation with the Iranian Association of Women Studies, a roundtable focusing on the following as its main themes:

1. Women, civilization and the rapprochement of cultures and
2. Women and globalisation

Niveau d’intervention géographique

  • National


  • Construire un cadre de valeurs communes
  • Promouvoir une connaissance mutuelle de la diversité culturelle, ethnique, linguistique, religieuse

Pays bénéficiaire (s) / Groupes cibles

  • Women

Principaux partenaires

Iranian Association of Women Studies

Nom de l’organisation / Entité responsable principale

Iranian National Commission for UNESCO

Iran, République Islamique D'
07/11/2010 - 07/11/2010