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The Melbourne Declaration, Deakin University, Melbourne, 4-9 October 1998.

The 150 representatives of universities coming from 46 countries all over the world, national and international heritage authorities, the representatives of ICOMOS, ICOM, ICCROM, WMF, UIA present in Melbourne.

Noting with appreciation the strong support given by Deakin University and the Australian authorities,

And further noting the number of significant joint projects realized by many universities since the last seminar at Laval University in Quebec in 1997, as well as the 83 significant contributions presented in plenary and parallel discussion groups,

Declaring the major purpose of this international network of universities having disciplines related to the tangible and intangible heritage is to mobilize human and technical resources on the national, regional and international level of teachers and students,

Decide to expand the international network Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage created in Valencia, Spain in 1996;

Confirm their determination to implement the network by
strengthening their ethical commitment to work for the adoption and implementation of national laws which protect the cultural heritage as well as the conventions and recommendations of UNESCO on this subject;
intensifying their interdisciplinary projects for the preservation of intangible and revitalization of intangible heritage as well as its context thus creating a dynamic for social, cultural and economic development;
ustrengthening training of university students in tangible and intangible heritage conservation as well as the sharing and exchange between the universities of knowledge, skills and experience for mutual enrichment;
increasing the awareness of peoples to the importance of the cultural heritage so as to engender greater participation, especially by the young, in efforts to preserve our heritage.

Recommend the strengthening of co-operation with

ICOMOS by participation in the General Assembly, Mexico 1999,

ICCROM by adoption of a joint training program,

ICOM by recommending the development of an ICOM International committee of university museums,

WMF by strengthening co-operation of technical resources for the heritage program.

UIA by participation in the next General Congress in Beijing (China) 1999

Invite universities working with the cultural heritage in different countries to mobilize all disciplines and join their efforts to the international network for the next seminar of Forum UNESCO University and Heritage at Fez 1999;

Request the Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University to follow up the initiatives established during the Melbourne seminar by the creation of a UNESCO Chair devoted to the cultural heritage as well as setting up a fellowship/scholarship program;

Invite the Chancellors or presidents of universities
u give support, both logistic and substantial, to the activities of Forum UNESCO University and Heritage;
introduce or develop cultural heritage law in their teaching programs;
strengthen their international co-operation by training programs, scholarships and fellowships;

Resolve to establish a legacy project at this and future seminars that in the context of university and heritage means university students scholarships and university fellowships for teachers;

Invite the Director-General of UNESCO to give further support to reinforce the development and co-ordination of the international Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage.

Deakin University declares its intention to continue to network with all participating universities, indeed, with all universities whose curricula include the stewardship of local, regional or global cultural heritage to the benefit of all humanity.

Deakin University, in its aim of continued university and heritage networking, intends to establish a regional centre for international cultural heritage conservation education under the direction of a proposed UNESCO heritage chair and the auspices of Forum UNESCO University and Heritage at Deakin University.

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