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Declaration of Quebec IInd International Seminar Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage, 5-10 October 1997, University of Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Upon the strength of the support expressed in Quebec, Canada, by its federal, provincial, municipal authorities as well as its universities, and following the workshops discussions, the participating universities, along with the national and international representatives of the cultural heritage, and the members of ICOMOS, ICOM, IAU, IAOHE, WHTO, participating to the IInd Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage Seminar, organized in Quebec, jointly by UNESCO and Université Laval, decide unanimously to consolidate the Forum UNESCO international network created in Valencia, in 1996. This network composed of universities with programs related to the cultural heritage has for main objective to mobilize human and technical resources on the national, regional and international levels in order to act in convergence for the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage and for the benefit of the people.

The participants to the Seminar confirm their determination to implement the international Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage international network's leading principles by:
an ethical and benevolent engagement in favour of the cultural heritage, on the national as well as the international level;
an efficiency and respect concerning the historical, scientific and technical criteria and demands linked to the cultural heritage;
a solidarity based on the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources in a spirit of mutual understanding;

Consequently, the participants of the IInd international Seminar of Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage:
invite the universities interested by the heritage of different countries to mobilize their competencies and to join Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage at the next international Seminar to be held in Australia in 1998;
u ask the Rector of Université Laval to maintain the dynamics created at the Quebec international Seminar and set up a UNESCO Chair on cultural heritage in that university;
encourage Forum UNESCO's President, the Rector of Universidad politécnica de Valencia, to reinforce actions of the headquarters, located in his university;
u ask UNESCO's Director-General to strengthen the implementation, development, and co-ordination of Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage International network.

Adopted in Quebec on 9th October, 1997 in the presence of Ms Ndeye Fall
UNESCO Representative to Canada in Quebec

The Honourable Gilbert Normand
Secretary of State
For Agriculture and Agri-Food Government of Canada
Mr. Sylvain Simard
Ministre des relations internationales Gouvernement du Québec
Mr. François Tavenas
Rector of Université Laval
Mr. Jean-Paul L'Allier
Mayor, Ville de Québec

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