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Declaration of Valencia Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain – October 1996.

The representatives of universities participating at the 1st Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage Seminar, and together with ICCROM, ICOM, ICOMOS and IFLA,

Recognizing the responsibility and the important role by universities to facilitate heritage safeguarding and conservation,

and taking into account the immense necessity of this field,

decide to create an international Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage network, co-ordinated by UNESCO and the Polytechnic University of Valencia in order to:

u bring awareness to young university students, as well as the general population, to participate actively in the valuation, protection, safeguarding and promotion of cultural heritage, rendering this a common act for practising citizenship.

u install and reinforce the international/national co-operation among universities, the co-operation of which is based on mutual exchange and solidarity about heritage.

Urge universities

u To mobilize at the national/international level the human and technical resources of universities for the benefit of the conservation of cultural heritage.

uTo raise awareness among young students of their responsibility in safeguarding and conservation of heritage

uTo create a solidarity movement, by means of linking the universities on a regional and international scale.

uTo reinforce inter-university co-operation through the transmission of knowledge and experience in the field of heritage.

u To develop further curricula related to cultural heritage and improve its theoretical and practical approaches.

uTo promote mutual understanding among students from various cultures and a multicultural dialogue for peace building

And further invite universities :

u To create local/national networks.

u To develop further co-operation at the national and international level with other Universities in the field of heritage.

u To create the Forum UNESCO network database.

uTo promote the creation of UNESCO Heritage Chairs.

uTo identify specific operational projects.


u To organize the co-operation, in response to the wishes of the representatives of Rwanda and Cameroon in the framework of the program "priority Africa" of UNESCO.

uTo prepare the next Seminar, scheduled in September 1997.

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