Criteria and timetable of inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Following the decision made by the Committee at its seventh session in Paris in December 2012, the Representative List now includes 257 elements that can be consulted along with corresponding documentation (nomination form, photos and video) from the Lists page.

The selection criteria and the procedures leading to inscription on the Convention’s lists were revised by the General Assembly in June 2010. For a complete presentation of the procedures, please refer to the Operational Directives and download corresponding nomination format from the forms page.

Criteria for inscription on the Representative List

In nomination files, the submitting State(s) Party(ies) is (are) requested to demonstrate that an element proposed for inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity satisfies all of the following criteria:

Timetable and procedure for inscription

Phase 1: Preparation and submission

31 March Year 1
Deadline by which nominations must be received by the Secretariat. Files received after this date will be examined in the next cycle.
30 June Year 1
Deadline by which the Secretariat will have processed the files, including registration and acknowledgement of receipt. If a file is found incomplete, the State Party is invited to complete the file.
30 September Year 1
Deadline by which missing information required to complete the file, if any, shall be submitted by the State Party to the Secretariat. Files that remain incomplete are returned to the States Parties that may complete them for a subsequent cycle.

Phase 2: Evaluation

December Year 1 - May Year 2
Evaluation of the nominations by the Subsidiary Body.
April - June Year 2
Meeting for final evaluation by the Subsidiary Body.
Four weeks prior to the session of the Committee
The Secretariat transmits the evaluation reports to the members of the Committee. The nomination files and the evaluation reports will also be available on-line for consultation by States Parties.

Phase 3: Examination

November Year 2
The Committee examines the nominations and makes its decisions.