Plan de acción para la salvaguardia del Ahellil de Gurara

  • Costo (US$): 90 400
  • Source: Japón
  • Fechas: 12-2006/09-2009

Países beneficiario: Argelia


The Ahellil is a series of collective chants performed at social gatherings and celebrations of the Berber-speaking population of the Gouara region. Starting with short well-known songs performed by the whole group, the performances build to a conclusion featuring the most accomplished singers.

The safeguarding action plan aims at/

  • ensuring the viability of the Ahellil of Gourara through activities including the establishment of a “Committee for the Safeguarding of the Ahellil of Gourara” (CSAG) to implement the plan;
  • encouraging transmission to younger generations by teaching Ahellil (initiation) in schools and colleges of Gourara;
  • organizing training workshops on Ahellil music, poetry and choreography; identifying Ahellil bearers and conducting inventory-making and data collection?
  • organizing an annual festival (with Jury and Awards) to promote the Ahellil; and
  • creating a website and newsletter on Ahellil, supported by the production of audio and video materials.

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