Salvaguardia de los artes del espectáculo tradicionales de Somalia

  • Costo (US$): 40 000
  • Source: Japón
  • Fechas: 04-2008/03-2009

Países beneficiario: Kenya, Somalia


Before the civil war Somalia enjoyed a vibrant cultural life, in which traditional performing arts played a major role. Aware of the role that cultural practices may play in fostering social cohesion and in reconciliation processes in future post-conflict Somalia, the project aims to

  • identify traditional performing arts practices of Somali people with a view to safeguarding this heritage,
  • highlight the role that cultural practices can play in reconciliation process for the post conflict Somalia, and
  • contribute to the rehabilitation of Somali culture.

Core activities of the project include:

  • the identification of traditional performing arts of Somali communities in the North Eastern Province in Kenya;
  • the preparation of a draft inventory of those traditions; and
  • the acquisition of extant audiovisual materials related to traditional performing arts of Somali people.

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