Promoción y documentación del patrimonio cultural inmaterial de las muejeres en Mauritania

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    • 27/10/2016 - 27/10/2016

Países beneficiario: Mauritania


The aim of this initiative, implemented in 2004/2005, was to promote the role of women as bearers and creators of a rich intangible heritage, in particular oral traditions (stories, tales, proverbs, etc.) and traditional knowledge (cooking, traditional craftsmanship etc.) in the Maghreb region. The pilot project of this initiative was launched in Mauritania, a country where oral heritage plays a particularly important role for the transmission of traditional knowledge and cultural identity.

The project aimed at collecting traditional stories from women in the four national languages of Mauritania (Hassaniya, Peul, Soninke and Wolof), based on the existing archives of oral heritage started by the IMRS (Mauritanian Institute for Scientific Research). The collected material was used for the preparation of learning material in the four national languages within the framework of literacy projects.

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